Being Late

by Kalon Mitchell

Since this article for the Forum was late, I figured that I would write about being late. I have never been a person that likes to get things done before a deadline. I like to wait to the last minute to get projects done. Unfortunately, this tendency hasn’t worked so well for me in the past.

I remember, when in school, that I was cramming all night before a paper was due the next day. I remember staying up late, preparing a sermonette or a split sermon for church to be given the next day. And have I learned to do better?… No, not yet. But I am trying to overcome this bad habit.

I know though that in one area of my life, I cannot afford to be late. I am of course talking about my Christian life. In no way can I afford to cram at the last minute. I have to be right on time and on track with this one. There is no time to waste. My Christian life must be my number one priority at all times, so that I know when the time comes that I can and, God willing, be ready to be changed into a God being.

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