The Contract

by Connie Grade

Over the past few weeks my work has required my signatures on various contracts and agreements for advertising, contractors for repair work on the property, insurance for the business, etc.  Each contract has various stipulations and requirements that each party has agreed to regarding payment, type of repairs being done or art work.

Often times there is the “small print” that needs to be carefully reviewed to ensure these agreements and contracts are feasible to the job at hand and meet the desired end result.

Once these papers are signed, I am basically giving my word that the company will fulfill its obligations in return for the work being done, and usually there is a deadline by which these obligations must be met by both parties.

As I was reflecting upon these various agreements and contracts, it occurred to me that this is exactly what I had done spiritually when I was baptized!  When God called me, I had the responsibility to research and study to prove that this truly was the path in which I would continually “walk” throughout all eternity.  Once I made this commitment to devote the rest of my life to God, I entered into or “signed” a spiritual contract with my Creator God at my baptism.

On reflection, I ask myself, “Am I still abiding by the contract I signed with my Creator?”  I agreed at baptism He would be first in my life above all else.  This means, He is to be before any other relationship, regardless if it is my husband, my children, other family members, friends, my place of employment or any special interests and passions I may have.  I agreed to put Him first above all else.  Am I fulfilling my commitment I made to Him or have I allowed other things to creep in to distract me or perhaps wavered and become slack?  I have no doubt God will fulfill His part of the agreement He made with me.  I also know with His help I can fulfill my part of the agreement, regardless of how difficult life might get at times – it can be done and will be done if I allow Him to help me along the way.  

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