Pondering the Future

by Kalon Mitchell

When I was a younger man, I always thought about the future. What would happen? What would I turn out like? Would I get married, have a family? These thoughts always left me feeling apprehensive.

Looking back now, I am in awe of the way God has formulated and guided my life. The lessons He has allowed me to go through have had tremendous bearing on where I am and where I am headed today.

Now that I am a little bit older, I still find myself wondering at times: What is next? What is in store for me? For my family? As I ponder these questions, I am always aware that while I may plan my paths, it is truly God who leads and directs. Therefore, it is up to me to lean on Him in all things, seeking His Will.

No longer do I feel apprehensive or frightened by the future. I don’t know what’s going to happen from day to day, much less minute to minute. But I do know that it is God who opens the doors and lays the path for me to continue walking upon. The future, while still unknown, is laid out in front of me, ready to be grasped with confidence. 

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