By Shana Rank

Since baptism, my journey as a Christian is forward-moving. I am learning what God expects of His future Family. I am learning first-hand with my own family what it takes to grow in love. I also experience this quality of love with my Church-family, extended family, friends, strangers, and yes, I am even told to love my enemy.

This past weekend, my family and I met a handful of new extended family members while attending a wedding. I was very impressed with their interest in, and care for, each other and for us. As far as I could tell, none have yet been called by God; yet they are already trying to “practice” the laws of God, as they understand them. How sweet and pleasant it is to meet people who are willing to develop some godly characteristics!

God’s plan is perfect; so, His intentions for His Family are also without flaw. I was truly humbled by my new family’s examples of loving concern for others. It inspires me to work that much harder at being a good example and develop God’s love in me—realizing, that in the future, it is God’s plan that we all meet as ONE Family.

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