Not Up To Us

By Ben Agbayani

Prior to the Feast of Tabernacles, I went to the extent of having a nerve block injection treatment for about a month, as I thought that I will be facing uncertainty to the max. During every visit I would receive 12 to 16 injections for 5 consecutive weeks; unfortunately, the injections never gave me any form of relief.

Having a spinal condition from the last flight I took a few years ago, I experienced so much pain and suffered from takeoff and landing. I was hoping not to experience the same on this flight bound for Vail, Colorado.

The day came, and we checked in for the flight from Toronto to New York. Sitting beside my wife as the plane started to head for the run way, I was so nervous and anticipated what would happen during takeoff. I was holding my wife’s hand, and I was not able to feel any form of pain as if the takeoff did not happen at all. Upon reaching New York and as the plane descended, my wife held my left hand and talked to me. I was waiting for that landing bump to occur, but it never happened.

Soon, we boarded our flight from New York to Denver. Again, the takeoff was so smooth. A few hours later, as we were prepared for landing at the Denver International Airport, my wife again took my hand and we talked as the plane descended. As we waited for that bump, we kept on talking. We did not realize that the plane had landed and was already heading for the gate.

We were so speechless and in awe of what happened between takeoff and landing of the two flights. The Eternal intervened and took charge as if the airplane was delivered by His hand so that we could enjoy our first Feast of Tabernacles.

We again realized that it is really not up to us to rely on our own strength, but our trust in God is what makes everything work for our own good.

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