Your Kingdom Come!

by Kalon Mitchell

As I sit here writing this, the world is quickly falling apart. Just today I got 15+ stories on my phone about: North Korea threatening to go to war; the EU’s financial issues that are escalating; the US–which is splitting at the seams and continuing on its inevitable downfall. From war to poverty, sadly, this world is deteriorating before my eyes.

And while the world at times brings tears to my eyes because of the injustices and wrongs that are committed on a daily basis, I have to remember that this must all come to pass. It’s hard to deal with it at times. But it is because of the promises of God that I can keep my head up and a smile on my face. In good times and bad, God has never departed from me. He has never let me fall down without being right there to pick me back up and set me back on my course. The spring Holy Days that were just observed help me to remember the great plan that God has in store for all of mankind. With that course in mind I, feel stronger than ever and pray that God establishes His kingdom soon on earth!

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