by John Amorelli

“One who worries excessively and needlessly.” “One who tends to dwell unduly on difficulty or troubles.” These are a couple of definitions of the word “Worrywart.” It is believed the expression “Worrywart” was first used as the name for the character of an eight-year-old boy in a 1950’s comic strip, called “Out Our Way” by J.R. Williams.  Anecdotal evidence suggests, however, the phrase “Worrywart” was already in the popular slang vernacular long before the comic strip appeared.

I have to admit, I am sometimes a worrywart. When I worry about something, it affects me emotionally and physically.  I literally may become sick inside and out. Should I be worry-free since I am a true Christian? Jesus says in Matthew 6 not to worry about ANYTHING. But sometimes, I try to cope with my “worry-ship” by trying to escape reality, but that doesn’t resolve the issue.

When I find myself in such a situation, I have to pray to the Eternal to mollify and even eradicate my state of worrying. I counsel with the Church ministers so they can give me Godly guidance and advice. I have to remind myself that God, the Church ministers and the brethren are there for me. There are also the Church of God member letters, publications/booklets, StandingWatch programs, sermons and sermonettes posted on the internet, weekly Updates, Q&A’s, radio programs and my Bible; Godly resources at my fingertips to encourage and inspire me!  I also need to consistently utilize the triad of prayer, meditation and occasional fasting.

So, why do I worry at times? And what is the solution for me? Actually, the answer is quite simple: When in need, I have to ask God to increase my faith. At the same time, I need to focus on others—praying to God for the brethren who are sick and in pain, while trusting in Him and using the Godly tools/resources that are available to me… at my fingertips. It is a big “to-do” list, but it is extremely effective!

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