Lifetime Achievement

by Phyllis Bourque

Lifetime achievement awards are given by various organizations to honor excellence in a given field of endeavor. One such recent honoree in the recording industry was to be Patti Page, who was regarded as a living legend, selling more than 100 million records throughout a career that spanned 7 decades, making her one of the biggest selling female recording artists in history. She touched the hearts of many generations with her smooth tranquil style of singing.

In considering my lifetime thus far, I can list many achievements, none of which, however, have gained any notoriety beyond my little corner of the world, and certainly would not garner any such award. My accomplishments are of importance primarily to myself, and perhaps a few select friends and/or family members.  Even at that, their significance was only for the moment; i.e., a token medal for solo flute competition in high school and participation in band. (Who is impressed with that but me?)

The only thing I can think of that could be regarded as a worthy lifetime achievement is my personal conversion—a righteous response to my calling—taking on God’s character. But even then, I cannot credit myself with any degree of success in this regard, because it is God who called me in the first place, and it is He who is working in me, even giving me the desire and the ability to do what He has called me to do. Therefore, the accomplishment is His.

Patti Page knew of the upcoming awards presentation, but she died before the actual event was held. She will, of course, be honored posthumously. However, the spiritual correlate for me is to be diligent in my daily response to God so that I do not die spiritually before He gives me His gift of eternal life and my appropriate award.

Yes, I think that with God’s continual help, my conversion will surely be my lifetime achievement. I wonder if God considers His marvelous work of changing His human creation to His spirit-born offspring as being His eternal lifetime achievement…just wondering…

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