Change of Address

Shelly Bruno

My family moved across town a few months ago. The decision to move was based on a number of reasons, but primarily the fact that our boys are growing and we wanted a bigger backyard. My oldest was also starting at a new school, and we felt it would be beneficial to live closer to both school and work.

We moved 7 miles, but that small distance has actually created a world of change for us. Everything is different: time not spent in a car, time now spent on bikes, where I store our belongings, the places I run my errands, how long it takes to drive to a friend’s house, and especially the view I see when I look out of our windows. My perspective has been transformed.

The time and energy spent moving across town has consumed far more effort than I would have guessed. Challenges seemed to spring up out of nowhere and the best laid plans weren’t always easy to follow. Despite some of the negative aspects, the outcome has been very positive in ways I also would not have guessed.

This experience makes me think of the changes of address coming in the future. This much anticipated spiritual move will provide benefits that are difficult to imagine. I look forward to what God is preparing for me in His house, and how my perspective will forever and completely be changed.

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