Repeat the Repetition, and Repeat Again

by John Amorelli

My wife and I had experienced very destructive storms recently that caused loss of power for several days! We did not have a generator as a backup power source. This prompted me to purchase a generator to prepare us for the next power outage. When I took it out of the box, I proceeded to carefully inspect it. I read the manual along with a card that was enclosed, called the “Quick Guide” instructions. I read the card carefully, step by step. To understand how to use it correctly and completely, I read the steps over and over again. Once I had this processed, I was ready to apply the instructions that I had read over and over again unto the generator.

I reflected on this and had realized that I need to apply this in my spiritual life! What I learned is that I need Scripture repeated to me over and over again! I also learned that I need to read and re-read Scripture. When I hear sermonettes and sermons, I do not mind at all if messages are repeated. (As a matter of fact, I look forward to Scriptures being repeated). It reminds me how much I still need to learn. When I read and study a certain Scripture, I need to repeat the repetition and repeat it again! The Word of God is the perfect instruction manual that needs to be re-read by me.

So, whenever a situation occurs when a generator needs to be utilized, I will refer to the generator’s instruction manual again, and then operate the generator. Whenever a situation arises in my spiritual life, I need to remember to pray to the Eternal, and then go to His “Instruction Manual” again and again.

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