by Kalon Mitchell

From a very young age, I was taught to contribute. Whether it be at home in a family setting or in society, I was taught how to be useful.  Growing up, I remember having chores and being responsible for them. These chores helped me to gain useful attributes such as respect, work ethic and patience.

After losing my job over a year ago, I became aware of the fact that the need is built into humans to feel useful and be a part of something. When I was not actively working at a goal, I felt the tendency of becoming depressed and self-centered. But it is when I am working towards a larger picture, that I am really starting to excel.      

Now that I have a job again, I feel like I am once again useful. I am contributing to an organization, and I am contributing financially to my family and to the church.  When I was unemployed, I often felt frustrated with the feeling that I could not help or contribute. But the fact is that there has always been a way for me to contribute.

I am part of something that is so big. When I was experiencing feelings of doubt or despair, I took courage because I had the opportunity to contribute to the most important Work in all the world. Whether it be through tithes or offerings, prayers, technical support, special music, helping others, etc., there has always been a way to contribute.

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