Falling Into Place

by Cali Harris
“When we know why we do what we do, everything falls into place. When we don’t, we have to push things into place.” This quote from writer Simon Sinek has given me food for thought and an opportunity for real-life application.
Recently, the work I was doing for one of my clients blossomed into a full-time job. The job is challenging me to blaze past my current skills in order to grow, learn and work on an entirely new level. There are moments each work day when the challenge feels daunting.
One thing is already becoming clear, and it surprisingly doesn’t have to do specifically with my day-to-day skills. Instead, it’s a bigger-picture lesson: I need to focus on why I’m doing what I’m doing. And that “why” is that the job is a tremendous blessing. A door I never could have imagined opening has opened, and now I have an opportunity to walk through it and have faith that I’ll be granted the wisdom and ability to succeed.
Like in the quote above, knowing the why means that instead of aimlessly pushing things around, I can trust that things at this new job will fall into place as they should.

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