Not Alone

by Gilbert DeVaux
I have been told that it must be hard to live alone. My response is that I am not alone, since I have a Comforter. If asked, I tell them that Christ lives in me, and His Word, the Bible, comforts me. Most ask no further questions. That saddens me; however, I know they will in due time have their opportunity to understand.
Back to “living alone,” it is only getting harder because my body is failing. I pray for endurance, and it is given to me. I receive love and kindness from the brethren at church, and also from those who live a distance from me, so I don’t feel cut off or alone.
I am able to read God’s Word, where I find hope for the future, knowing that God keeps His promise to give me a new body and a never-ending life.
So I am not alone. Before my calling I thought that I was; however, I know now that I was never alone, but that the Eternal was always there, and that I was part of His Great Master Plan of salvation for all of mankind.

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