Finding My Grounding

by Cali Harris
A year and half ago, I resigned from my marketing agency job in order to pursue grad school full-time. Since then, I’ve worked on my master’s degree, started my own business, and took on a part-time job for a fantastic company.
Part of resigning from my job (and losing the steady income) meant that I had to give up living on my own. So, for the past year and half I’ve been living with family, staying with friends and taking on long term house-sitting gigs. This lifestyle takes me between three cities in northern Colorado: Denver, Boulder and Fort Collins.
In my business I meet a lot of new people, and they usually ask where I live. I half jokingly, half seriously respond, “I’m a nomad!” And really, it feels true: I don’t feel grounded in any one city; my family, social activities, business and school are in three cities. I usually have enough clothes in the car for a few days, and all I need for work and school is my laptop. While I don’t mind this nomadic lifestyle, it has made me question what truly grounds me in life. I’ve discovered that it’s not the apartment or even the city I live in. It’s not even a day-to-day work schedule.
My grounding is really the way I choose to live my life every single day.
The common thread in my day-to-day is to live as an ambassador for the Christian way of life — and it’s actually easy to do even when my life is very nomadic and fluid. Driving gives me the opportunity to listen to sermons or the StandingWatch programs. Having my laptop and my iPhone means I can access the Church booklets and the Bible from anywhere. It’s the ever-changing nature of my daily lifestyle that has taught me what is truly constant in my life!

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