God Shows the Way

by Ben Agbayani (Canada)

2008 was the year of a full transitional period for me. My family and I were attending a church organization which simply preached a “gospel” about the person of Christ (as they understood it). One day, I found myself wanting to learn more. I was feeling that I was starving spiritually.

On one occasion during services, my family noticed that when the pastor spoke about something, I would turn to passages in the Bible looking for Scriptures that would confirm what he said, but I found none supporting his preaching. In other words, he spoke empty words.

Finally, after having studied the false teaching of the “rapture,” I asked several members and ministers about this concept, but I was only given disappointing answers. When I asked the leading Church pastor, he answered: “If you were God, would you like your people to suffer during the tribulation period? Of course not.”

My eyes grew big, and I was quite surprised that he evaded the question by trying to pull a trick answer, like a magician would act. I realized that he had no answers, and he recognized that I knew, and from that point in time, I was viewed by the entire congregation as someone who had a different spirit.

I prayed to God to show me His Way and to reveal to us where the true remnants of His church are today. God led me to the doorsteps of the Church of the Eternal God and its StandingWatch programs. In 2009, my wife and I were baptized by Mr. Messier, and we are happy to be Spirit-begotten members of the true Church of God.

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