Current Events

We begin with an article alleging that it was always the goal of the EU to become a world-ruling super state and a world government, followed by reports contending that the West with its rotten culture cannot win against ISIS and that President Obama’s anti-Islamic state coalition against ISIS is crumbling. We also speak on further insight into the creation of ISIS.

We are addressing the White House’s ill-advised measures against America’s visa waiver program and serious concerns that Congress might even initiate further restrictions, thereby severely damaging America’s economy; and that Britain does not even have enough tornado jets to successfully bomb the Islamic State in Syria.

We are reporting on growing HIV infections in Europe, especially through migrants, and concerns by the German police that migrants are between three and four times more likely to commit crime than the general population.

We continue addressing Germany’s new war in Syria which is supported by almost 50% of the German population, and disturbing actions in France under its newly imposed emergency laws which could signal the beginning of the end of democratic liberties and freedoms.

Focusing on the worsening situation between Russia and Turkey, it does not appear that their conflict over Turkey’s destruction of a Russian war plane (which had briefly entered Turkish airspace) will be over any time soon; especially, since Putin and Erdogan seem to be the same kind of ruthless dictators and autocrats.

While the USA demands of Turkey to close its borders to Syria, new shocking revelations regarding the “Iran deal” really seem to give credence to Donald Trump’s charge that the USA is being ruled by “stupid leaders.”

We report on Israel’s problems with Europe and reactions to the climate talks in Paris; and we address the murders at the Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado Springs and a mass shooting in Los Angeles.

We conclude with articles about misled and deceived young Americans’ views on atheistic evolution; a new dangerous virus; religious persecution in Kenya, leading to erroneous conclusions by a local Catholic priest pertaining to the Koran and the Bible; attempts to recreate ancient wines drunk by David and Jesus; questions regarding the celebration of Hanukkah; and controversial comments by the pope.

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