Current Events

In this edition, we report on the growing Migrant and Muslim crisis in Europe and German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s willingness to grant Turkey EU membership and billions of euros in exchange for Turkey’s “help” with the crisis, while Turkey’s totalitarian regime under its unquestioned dictator, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, continues to suppress the individual freedom and liberty of its citizens.

We point out the conflicting messages of the White House and Obama Administration officials, desperately trying to “explain” President Obama’s broken promises regarding his highly controversial decision to send Americans to the Middle East to engage in combat in Syria and Iraq.

We address the deadly crash of a Russian airplane for which ISIS claims responsibility; speak of Common Core and Islamic propaganda in American schools; and report about the terrible consequences of President Obama’s and Congress’s unconscionable decision to eliminate any debt ceiling for America’s rising debts, which by the beginning of the week had reached the astronomical figure of 18.5 trillion dollars.

We speak of religious belief and practices among Americans and American Jews, and we address the unpleasant truth—which is largely ignored and suppressed by the mainstream media—that many people die from the flu after having been vaccinated against the flu.

We conclude with a most ridiculous article advocating Halloween celebrations in spite of the recognized history and immoral activities of this devilish feast.

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