Current Events

While the insanity regarding the Iran deal continues, the migrant situation in Europe is exploding.

As more and more details emerge, it is clear that America has capitulated by agreeing to a deal without any economic advantage, but with the real potential of finding itself attacked on AMERICAN SOIL by Iran-sponsored terrorists. We also analyze the role of the Vatican and the Pope in political affairs, including the Iran deal.

At the same time, more and more voices in Germany and elsewhere are criticizing Angela Merkel for her “unprecedented” “mistaken” policy in the migrant crisis, which is now perceived as having “devastating consequences.” Being overwhelmed by the ever-growing arrival of refugees, Germany is calling in its army and reinstating some of its borders, while there is chaos in Hungary and pro- and anti-migrant (and anti-Islamic) demonstrations are conducted in Catholic Poland and other Eastern European states. In addition, anti-American sentiments are becoming more visible, blaming the migrant crisis on America’s failed foreign policy.

Britain experienced the “most extraordinary result in modern political history,” when a “socialist” and “Marxist,” Jeremy Corbyn, was elected as the new Labour leader. His success is being compared with the success of another socialist—the American senator Bernie Sanders who is running for the Democratic Presidential nomination. The Washington Post points out that the success of socialists Corbyn and Sanders, but also of other politicians on the far right, shows that “parties of the left are just as vulnerable to populist takeovers as parties of the right,” and that “voters on both ends of the spectrum are looking for alternatives to the traditional power-brokers.”

We conclude with a report about a dense sandstorm which was the “worst that the Jewish state has ever endured” “since its creation in 1948”; more nonsense regarding the foolish “end of the world” phantasies and marriage licenses; and left-wing California Governor Brown’s provocative and accusatory stance on climate change as well as Donald Trump’s ongoing success.

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