Current Events

We begin with frightening signs that Russia might prepare for war against Europe; and while we experienced true heroism in France, we also saw violent acts in Germany by Neo-Nazis against refugees and the police, and observed the worsening situation in Europe pertaining to millions of refugees.

The UK is still battling with the question as to whether or not the coming referendum should be in favor of or against a Brexit. At the same time, Europe prepares for big business with Iran which has publically restated its declared goal of eradicating Israel.

We learned that Israel almost (!) struck Iran in 2010, 2011 and 2012, but due to some “intervention,” attacks were stopped “at the last minute.” On the other hand, fanatical Judaism is not helping Israel’s cause, either.

Hillary Clinton’s E-mail problems are escalating, and the White House and President Obama have indicated their preference for Joe Biden’s run for the Democratic nomination; in fact, strong suggestions are made that President Obama might have “set up” Hillary Clinton from the outset, by giving her the green light to use a private server.

We are reporting on China’s “Black Monday” and the consequences for stock markets in Asia, Europe and the USA, and we conclude with an article showing that homosexuality is a matter of choice and not genetic or biological.

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