Current Events

We begin with reporting on the continuing migrant problem which the UK and France are facing; address Puerto Rico’s anticipated default; speak on President Obama’s anti-Semitic remarks in the context of the Iran Deal and Mike Huckabee’s explosive response; address Hillary Clinton’s deep personal and economic interest in Planned Parenthood and her potentially illegal conduct pertaining to her email communications; Joe Biden’s potential run for the Presidency and Ben Carson’s evasive answers; and we publish a strong apologetic reply of a Catholic priest to Cardinal Dolan’s attack on Donald Trump.

 While pointing out the dilemma of America’s corrupt political class, Germany’s popular leader Angela Merkel is apparently willing to run for a fourth term as Chancellor.

 We conclude with articles on the terrible atrocities committed in Czechoslovakia and Poland against innocent German civilians after World War II; Pope Francis’ comments on divorce within the Catholic Church; and the Vatican’s fascination with alien life forms and its claim that the Bible is “not a scientific book.”

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