God’s Knowledge in Your Life

God is willing to reveal His knowledge to you which is opposed to the so-called wisdom of this world, but are you willing to reject this world’s silly philosophies and rather accept and act upon the knowledge of God? And how careful are you not to lose the understanding which God has given to you, while at the same time growing and increasing in His knowledge?

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What If Trump and Putin Were Arrested? ——Comments on News and Prophecy, March 25, 2023  

If Donald Trump were ever convicted and imprisoned, could he still run for the Presidency; could he be elected; and could he still operate as President from prison?  If Vladimir Putin were ever arrested in a foreign country, such as Germany or Austria, due to the arrest warrant of the International Criminal Court, what did Russia say it would do to those countries? In other news, we address the postponement of the visit of King Charles in France due to France’s “descent into anarchy”; problems the Biden family is facing; the ongoing bank debacle; calls for the removal of Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell; and the liberal “reform” movement of the German Catholic church. 

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How Courageous Are You?

In our Current Events section of Update #1062, dated March 17, 2023, we published an article by the New York Post of March 11, 2023, under the following headline: “US Government as ‘Obstructionist’ as China?”

In the article, we quoted Kentucky Senator Rand Paul as follows: “I think it will be more difficult for them [the government and the health experts and scientists] the next time they try this [impose restrictions], because the evidence is pretty much in. None of the things they did to slow down the spread of the disease worked… In the end, everybody got COVID whether they stood on stickers six feet apart from each other or not.”

He continued: “People need to resist… When the government tells you, you can’t go to church, your government says, you can’t go to the gym, your government says, you can’t go to a restaurant or you can’t go to a hotel — we need to resist that.”

But how are we to resist?  Surely not by violent means, and Paul did not even suggest that. And further, WILL it be more difficult to convince people to follow the “restrictions” which will be imposed, no doubt, when the next real or imagined pandemic hits?

In the Current Events of this week’s Update, we are publishing an article by the Dossier which was released on or about March 14, 2023, under the headline, “Covid Hysteria… Courage vs. Cowards.”

In the article, the author writes:

“When I look back at the times of Covid hysteria, I think most about… what separates courageous people from cowards. These past three years served as a good reminder that true courage is an isolating experience. It is both difficult to possess and retain… Cowardice, unlike courage, is encouraged, rewarded, and it comes easily.

“In the face of a government declared ‘national emergency,’ so many decided to take the coward’s route in the form of compliance, submission, and even taking to targeting the regime-declared ‘enemies’ of society. To be a good citizen, all you had to do was sit down, shut up, wear your submission mask, shutter your family business, carry your movement pass with you, and be up to date on your experimental pharmaceuticals. In exchange, society rewarded the coward class with opportunity, public praise, and a Good Citizen stamp of approval.

“After all, it is an enormously difficult task to swim upstream. It is much easier just to blend in… Courageous people stick to their principles despite the vast majority of the population — and even those closest to them — declaring them a problem, or something much worse. Courage is unique because it is almost impossible to be courageous and popular at the same time…

“When the forces for tyranny rear their ugly heads for the next manufactured crisis in the not so distant future, courageous citizens will once more be called upon to thwart their ambitions.”

In this context, I want to focus in this Editorial on our duty as true Christians to attend the worship services of God’s Church, in person, whenever possible, including the weekly Sabbath and the annual Holy Days and Festivals. This also means for properly baptized Church members to attend in person, whenever possible, the annual Passover evening with the footwashing ceremony and the partaking of bread and wine as symbols for Christ’s broken body and His shed blood. It takes courage to do so, when the government tells you that you must stay home and that you must not assemble with others of like mind to celebrate and observe those most holy occasions. Make no mistake, the government will try again, and your courage will be tested.

This is what we wrote in our free booklet, Obeying God Rather Than Men, under the headline, “What the Mark of the Beast Means For Us Today”:

“True Christians understand that the Sabbath and the Holy Days must be kept, and that they must not instead accept the mark of the beast by worshipping on Sunday and pagan holidays, and by refusing to worship on God’s weekly and annual Sabbaths. 

“But how does this play out in practice when the government prohibits Christian churches to meet and assemble on the Sabbath? They might not even place this prohibition under a religious mantle, but they might give some other reasons, such as the outbreak of a pandemic that would require people to stay at home. The weekly Sabbath and the annual Holy Days are commanded biblical holy assemblies or holy convocations (compare Leviticus 23). We should ask ourselves whether refusing to follow God’s command, because the government says so, would be pleasing to God (compare Hebrews 10:25; the Living Bible states: ‘Let us not neglect our church meetings, as some people do, but encourage and warn each other, especially now that the day of his coming back again is drawing near’)…

“In this day and age, we have the means of broadcasting sermons live over the Internet to the homes of Church members, which we can resort to on a temporary basis, when physical person-to-person meetings and assemblies with the brethren are not possible. But what happens if a government would prohibit such services as well? How far would we go to follow governmental rules which would prohibit religious services in any manner and of any kind?

“Christians in the early Church were forced to meet in secret, in catacombs, in order to escape the fury of the Roman government. When they were caught, they were severely punished, but they were willing to obey God rather than men.”

They were courageous enough to follow and obey God, even if that meant punishment, incarceration, and worse. Would we be willing today to follow their example, resist governmental restrictions and obey God rather than men?

Current Events

By Norbert Link

We begin with reporting on the attempt by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg to manufacture a case against Donald Trump which has no chance of success, except perhaps initially in the corrupt legal system of New York. The American public is already on edge because of the perception that the legal system is politicized  and weaponized. Republicans are up in arms and investigating whether the prosecutor himself is in violation of the law, rather than Trump. In any event, the whole “political circus” only helps Trump, and according to observers, his road to the presidency in 2024 has now been guaranteed.

We also speak on the “coincidence” that this “legally pathetic” witch hunt against Trump is occurring at a time when the Biden family are in deep trouble due to evidence that they received over a million dollars from accounts linked to Hunter Biden’s Chinese business dealings—something which Joe Biden and his son Hunter have consistently denied.

We report that most GOP voters are against deeper involvement in the Ukraine war; the failure of woke banks [please view our recent StandingWatch program, titled, “What Does The Biggest Bank Failure Since The Great Recession Mean To You?”]; the international arrest warrant for Vladimir Putin; the revelation that the EU foreign police chief is not welcome in Israel; covid hysteria and new “discoveries” of a possible culprit; the insane propagation of the consumption of bugs; the extraordinary success of the pro-farmer movement in the Netherlands; and the controversy between German bishops and the Vatican and further paganism entering the Catholic Church. Please note our new StandingWatch program, titled, “Catholic Church in Turmoil.”

Catholic Church in Turmoil

Many are concerned that the German Catholic Church will split from Rome. The German bishops are determined to pursue certain “reforms” regardless of what the Vatican says. Others in the Catholic Church are worried that pagan practices and customs are invited into the Church. What could this all mean?

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What Does The Biggest Bank Failure Since The Great Recession Mean To You?

Suddenly, American banks are collapsing or are in great danger. Some constitute the biggest failure since the Great Recession in 2008 and the second and third largest bank failure in U.S. history.  European banks are affected too. Some speak of a coming recession, if not depression, more powerful than that of 1929. Does this mean that we must live in constant fear of financial ruin and disaster, or can we have trust in God that He will protect and take care of us, if we do our part?

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Current Events

By Norbert Link

We speak about Donald Trump’s plans which he announced in an interview to end the Ukrainian-Russian war, which Fox News chose not to air; address Donald Trump’s and Ron DeSantis’ further statements on Ukraine; report on Poland’s military ambitions which might or might not come to pass; point out the shocking development in Germany, revealing that most Germans are now in favor of conscription; speak on the early retirement of German General Eberhard Zorn for giving an assessment of the Ukraine situation which runs counter to the government’s official narrative; and address the terrible mass shooting in Hamburg by a mentally sick and in all likelihood demonically possessed murderer. We also point out further evidence of Europe’s dictatorship.

We speak on Saudi Arabia’s desire to “normalize” ties with Israel and the USA, while at the same time, it wants to “restore” ties with Iran with the help of China. We also report on the emergence of the “Kings of the East” and the alleged “meddling” of the USA in Israeli elections.

We continue with the largest US bank failure since the Great Recession in 2008 and the worldwide panic as a consequence; warn about the dangers ofOuija boards; and address discussions about the origin of the Coronavirus and the incredible autocratic restrictions to “defeat” it; especially in California which used unconstitutional measures to suppress church services; point out further cover-ups regarding the suspicious financial dealings of the Biden family and the destruction of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline; and we conclude with Democratic attempts to guarantee abortions nationwide until the time of birth of the innocent child.

Throughout this section, we have underlined pertinent statements in the quoted articles, for the convenience and quick overview of the reader.

Current Events

by Norbert Link

We speak about the revelation by Fox News Moderator Tucker Carlson regarding events which happened on January 6, 2021, report on Chancellor Scholz’s short and secret meeting with President Biden in Washington; Germany’s unpreparedness for a war with Russia; the West’s missing or failing strategy regarding Ukraine; the rise of powerful China; the strong partnership between Russia and India; and the performance of Russia’s foreign minister Sergei Lavrov at the G20 summit with astonishing reactions from the audience.

We continue with the “evil nature” of conscription; Donald Trump’s provocative statements at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC); thoughts on Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s possible Democratic primary challenge to President Biden; and an opinion piece by Newt Gingrich on the “biggest scandal in American history.”

We speak on the new Brexit deal which might have been window dressing to appease the British people; the significance of the “consecrated” anointing oil for the coronation of King Charles and his wife Camilla; Hungary’s plans to establish an embassy in Jerusalem; and Israel’s “short window” for a strike on Iran’s nuclear weapon program. In this regard, please view our new StandingWatch program, titled, “Short Window for Israel to Strike Iran.”

We continue with depressing reports on the advancement of the “Woke” culture in the Lutheran Church; the Church of England; throughout Europe and at Disneyland; and we conclude with some good news for California’s taxpayers.

Throughout this section, we have underlined pertinent statements in the quoted articles, for the convenience and quick overview of the reader.

Short Window for Israel to Strike Iran

Many in Israel feel that it is “now or never” to strike Tehran’s nuclear program, with or without American support. At the same time, concerns grow especially in Britain that Iran might soon attack the UK and Western allies. But the UK is actually facing a much bigger threat from another power.

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How Can You Be More Successful?

Are you successful in life—or are you failing? Are you on your way to true success—or, are you about to give up? We were not created to be a failure. We were meant to be truly successful. But true success does not happen by accident, circumstance or coincidence. True success must be achieved. There are certain principles—one might say, laws—which we must apply and follow in order to become truly successful. What are seven physical and spirituals laws of success?

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