Am I Doing Enough?

by Rhonda Cagle

As I sit here and think about my eight-year work anniversary coming up in May, I pause and reflect on the many truly wonderful blessings my Heavenly Father has given me.  When I hear so many of my friends tell me of their struggles in life, both materially and personally, I realize just how blessed I really am.

I have gone through trials especially the past couple of years. The loss of my mother was extremely hard for me, yet out of that I was blessed in so many different ways. I went through three different company-wide layoffs, yet all the time never having my job in jeopardy. I have gone through many health issues and have learned and grown through them to trust God and His promises about healing. I have even experienced a healing this last year. I know that God does hear and answer prayers! But I must always trust He knows what is best for me and that in His time, He will answer. Yes, there are trials and there are hard days to get through, but the more I go through these trials and blessings, I learn more and more to trust our Heavenly Father. I know that He is faithful and true.

I am grateful for all He has given me and I wonder at times if I am doing enough to show Him how thankful I am. As we approach Passover, I ponder deeply about this–do I live the life that is accepting to Him? Do my actions in all I do praise Him? Do I thank Him enough for not just the material things in life but for His Son and His Sacrifice for me? Do I thank Him enough for His Holy Spirit that lives in me and helps me each day? Do I thank Him enough for my calling and all that it means? Do I find it a joy and an honor to serve Him? Do I really show Him how truly grateful I am for His love and the eternal life He has promised me if I am only faithful?  Am I doing enough to hear the words, “Well done, enter into your rest!”

I know, of course, that I will never reach perfection in this life. But I also know that as long as I follow God and rely on His help, I will grow in all of these areas.

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