This Week in the News

Ukraine Tensions Sore

AFP wrote on April 17:

“Faced with the largest deployment of Russian troops on Ukraine’s borders since 2014, [Ukraine] President Volodymyr Zelensky has requested more help from the West, and Western leaders have urged Russian President Vladimir Putin to stop intimidating Ukraine… The US on Thursday announced sanctions and the expulsion of 10 Russian diplomats in retaliation for what the White House says is the Kremlin’s US election interference, a massive cyber attack and other hostile activity..”

According to Israel 365, dated April 19, “Russia responded to the sanctions on Friday by expelling ten US diplomats and banned several other high-ranking officials from entering the country. The banned officials included Attorney General Merrick Garland, Director of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas, FBI Director Christopher Wray, Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines, Director of the U.S. Domestic Policy Council Susan Rice, and Director of the U.S. Federal Bureau of Prisons Michael Carvajal. In addition, entry is denied to John Robert Bolton, former National Security Advisor to the United States President, former US Permanent Representative to the United Nations, and Robert James Woolsey Jr., former director of the US Central Intelligence Agency…”

The Sun wrote on April 17:

The US has warned commercial pilots against overflying the potential war zone around eastern Ukraine… amid fears they could be shot down like flight MH17. During the last ‘hot’ conflict in the region, a Malaysia Alrlines Boeing 777 – flight MH17 – was shot out of the sky by pro-Moscow rebels, killing 298 people, in July 2014… [We are observing] the greatest period in tension between Russia and Ukraine…

“In Ukraine, a warning was given by [the] army… not to form private militias amid fear of Russian attack… The Ukrainians fear that formation of unofficial armed bands could be exploited by Russia.”

The Sun wrote on April 19:

“RUSSIA has deployed nuclear bombers and fighters in a show of strength as fears of war with Ukraine mount… Pilots practised carrying out air combat, interception and striking air targets at speeds of up to 1,550mph, at a potential altitude of 12.5 miles. Russia has insisted that its current spate of military exercises across the country pose no threat to its neighbour.

“The show of strength comes as Russian state TV claimed the takeover of Ukraine’s border region was ‘inevitable.’… Ukraine has threatened to rebuild its nuclear arsenal – which it gave up after the collapse of the USSR a generation ago – if the West refuses to grant it membership of the alliance… The Russian ambassador to the UK has warned of a ‘bloodbath’ in Ukraine – and vowed to respond if Kiev moves troops to the Donbass region.”

Israel 365 wrote on April 19:

“There is no doubt that the Russian military is gearing up for a military conflict… Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky signed Decree No. 117/2021 on March 24, essentially declaring war with Russia. Since the decree was issued, a bilateral military buildup has been underway…”

American Weakness

Deutsche Welle added on April 17:

“Russia sent 15 warships to the Black Sea for a maneuver on Saturday amid escalating tension with Ukraine and the West… The Russian Defense Ministry announced on Friday that some sea areas off the Crimean Peninsula would be temporarily closed off to foreign warships because of the maneuvers… The United States recently canceled the deployment of two warships to the Black Sea following complaints from Russia… the Kremlin has argued that it is entitled to move Russian troops wherever it pleases within its territories… it has pledged to go to lengths to protect Russian speakers in the region.”

After Joe Biden announced some economic sanctions against Russia and the expulsion of 10 Russian diplomats, he declared that these were sufficient and that sending warships to the Black Sea was no longer necessary to deter Russia (which reacted in kind by announcing retaliatory sanctions against the USA). This is truly another example of incredible shortsightedness, but in line with prophecy which tells us that ultimately, Russia and Ukraine will collaborate against Europe. This is reminiscent of World War II when Ukraine originally worked together with Nazi Germany against Russia, but then switched sides and became Russia’s supporter against Hitler’s Germany.

Putin Warns the West

The Associated Press wrote on April 21:

“President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday sternly warned the West against encroaching further on Russia’s security interests, saying Moscow’s response will be ‘quick and tough’ and make the culprits feel bitterly sorry for their action… ‘I hope that no one dares to cross the red line in respect to Russia, and we will determine where it is in each specific case,’ Putin said. ‘Those who organize any provocations threatening our core security interests will regret their deeds more than they regretted anything for a long time.’

“Moscow has rejected Ukrainian and Western concerns about the troop buildup… But the Kremlin also has warned Ukraine against trying to use force to retake control of the rebel-held east, saying Russia could be forced to intervene to protect civilians in the region…

“As Putin spoke, a wave of protests started rolling across Russia’s far east in support of imprisoned opposition leader Alexei Navalny. The politician, who is Putin’s most persistent critic and was poisoned with a chemical nerve agent last year, started a hunger strike three weeks ago to protest what he said was inadequate medical treatment and officials’ refusal to allow his doctor to visit him. Navalny’s treatment and deteriorating condition has caused international outrage and prompted his allies to call the nationwide protests. Police detained several Navalny associates in Moscow and moved to disperse unauthorized demonstrations across Russia, arresting scores.

“In his speech, Putin pointed to Russia’s moves to modernize its nuclear arsenal and said the military would continue to build more state-of-the-art hypersonic missiles and other new weapons… In an apparent reference to the U.S. and its allies, the Russian leader denounced those who impose ‘unlawful, politically motivated economic sanctions and crude attempts to enforce its will on others.’

“In an emotional outburst, Putin chastised the West for acquiring a defiant stance toward Russia… Russia this week engaged in a tense tug-of-war with the Czech Republic, following Prague’s move to expel 18 Russian diplomats over a massive Czech ammunition depot explosion in 2014. Moscow has dismissed the Czech accusations of its involvement in the blast as absurd and retaliated by expelling 20 Czech diplomats.

“Putin also harshly criticized the West for failing to condemn what he described as a botched coup attempt and a failed plot to assassinate Belarus’ President Alexander Lukashenko, allegedly involving a blockade of the country’s capital, power cuts and cyberattacks. Belarusian and Russian security agencies arrested the alleged coup plotters in Moscow earlier this month. ‘The practice of organizing coups and planning political assassinations of top officials goes over the top and crosses all boundaries,’ Putin said, drawing parallels to plots against Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro and the popular protests that led to the ouster of Ukraine’s former Russia-friendly president, Viktor Yanukovych, in 2014. Russia responded to Yanukovych’s ouster by annexing Ukraine’s Crimean Peninsula and throwing its support to the separatists in the country’s east. Since then, fighting there has killed more than 14,000 people and devastated the industrial heartland…”

It is interesting that in light of biblical prophecy, the time will come when Europe will attack Russia and Far Eastern nations with “conventional” and bio-chemical weapons, and the “kings of East” will react quickly with powerful nuclear weapons.

Deutsche Welle reported on April 22:

 “The Russian defense minister on Thursday ordered troops taking part in military drills near the Ukrainian border to return to their regular positions [by May 1].  However, [the defense minister] also ordered that heavy weapons be kept in place about 160 kilometers (100 miles) east of the border for another military exercise later this year.”

Europe’s Need for Strength

Express wrote on April 19:

“EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell has claimed that Russia has massed ‘over 150,000 troops’ along the Ukrainian border and in the annexed Crimea peninsula… Mr Borrell said Russia was deploying ‘all kind of materials’ on the border including ‘the highest military deployment of Russian army in Ukrainian borders ever’ in what he dubbed a ‘clear matter of concern’ for the EU.

“But French President Emmanuel Macron once suggested going one step further to counter the threat of Kremlin leader Vladimir Putin. Mr Macron, who has pushed for a joint European Union military force since his arrival in power, said the continent needed a ‘real European Army’ to defend itself.”

And so, a European Army IS going to come.

US Ambassador Maligns the US Constitution

Newsmax wrote on April 18:

“U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Linda Thomas-Greenfield [rebuked] the Constitution as having underpinnings of ‘white supremacy’ [and as being] fundamentally corrupt and flawed and not noble and good… Thomas-Greenfield [said], ‘the original sin of slavery weaved white supremacy into our founding documents.’”

A US ambassador is not to malign his or her country in front of those less righteous than the USA (compare Habakkuk 1:13).

Rep. Maxine Waters’ Abhorrent Comments in the George Floyd Murder Case

Star Tribune wrote on April 19:

“… defense attorney Eric Nelson called for a mistrial, citing immense media exposure, particularly a comment by Democratic U.S. Rep. Maxine Waters over the weekend in which she said while in the Twin Cities that protesters should get ‘more confrontational’ if there is no guilty verdict.

“‘I’ll give you that Congresswoman Waters may have given you something on appeal that may result on this whole trial being overturned,’ Hennepin County District Judge Peter Cahill said, denying the motion while acknowledging that Nelson’s concerns were legitimate. ‘This goes back to what I’ve been saying from the beginning,’ the judge said.

“‘I wish elected officials would stop talking about this case, especially in a manner that is disrespectful to the rule of law and to the judicial branch and our function. I think if they want to give their opinions, they should do so in a respectful and in a manner that is consistent with their oath to the Constitution to respect a coequal branch of government. Their failure to do so I think is abhorrent, but I don’t think it has prejudiced us with additional material that would prejudice this jury,’ Cahill said, adding that the jury has been repeatedly told to not to follow the news. “

Controversial Maxine Waters’ inappropriate comments have been interpreted in the news as inciting violence. Nancy Pelosi felt her comments do not need an apology (note articles below).

Verdict against Chauvin to be Overturned on Appeal?

Breitbart wrote on April 20:

“Renowned defense attorney and Harvard Law School professor emeritus Alan Dershowitz said Tuesday that the conviction of former Minneapolis, Minnesota, police officer Derek Chauvin for the murder of George Floyd should be overturned on appeal because of the public intimidation of the jury and the judge’s refusal to sequester the jury. Dershowitz noted the ‘outside influence’ of people like Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA), who encouraged unrest at a protest on Saturday night in nearby Brooklyn Center, Minnesota, if there was no murder conviction in the case.

“Chauvin was convicted Tuesday of all of the charges in the case — second-degree murder, third-degree murder, and second-degree manslaughter.

“Dershowitz told Newsmax: ‘What was done to George Floyd by Officer Chauvin was inexcusable, morally. But the verdict is very questionable, because of the outside influences of people like Al Sharpton, and people like Maxine Waters. Their threats and intimidation, and hanging the sword of Damocles over the jury, and basically saying if you don’t convict on the murder charge, on all the charges, the cities will burn, the country will be destroyed, seeped into the jury room because the judge made a terrible mistake by not sequestering the jury. So the judge himself said, this case may be reversed on appeal. And I think it might [be] reversed on appeal. I think it should be reversed on appeal.

“‘I think the American Civil Liberties Union, which would be all over this case if it weren’t a racially-charged case, all Americans who care about due process and liberty should be concerned that the jury verdict may have been influenced by, if not the thumb, maybe even the elbow of the outside pressures, the fears, the threats. Every juror in that room knew about those threats. And when they sit and deliberate, they have to be saying to themselves, consciously or unconsciously, if I were to render a verdict other than a murder verdict, what the consequences will be, for me, and my family, my friends, my business. That should never, ever, be allowed to seep into a jury room. So I have no real confidence that this verdict — which may be correct in some ways — but I have no confidence that this verdict was produced by due process and the rule of law, rather than the influence of the crowd.’”

If that verdict were to be overturned, one can only imagine the reaction in the country.  Also note the next article.

Political Interference Unacceptable

The New York Post published the following article by Andrew C. McCarthy, a former federal prosecutor, on April 20:

“Remember when the Left used to go ballistic over President Trump’s propensity to lob rhetorical bombs into pending investigations and prosecutions?… For all the downsides of his unhinged commentary, Trump never took matters to the point of jury intimidation, as the preternaturally unhinged Democratic Congresswoman Maxi[n]e Waters did over the weekend.

“Because of her, this isn’t over.

“Waters checked every box. As a federal representative from a California district, she traveled to another sovereign state, Minnesota, to interfere in its judicial system. Her rabble-rousing was done in violation of a curfew that the elected mayor had imposed to suppress the rioting that followed the tragic accidental killing of Daunte Wright by a police officer. And her remarks can only be interpreted as an incitement to violence — one less ambiguously provocative than the one over which she and other House Democrats impeached Trump.

“Waters’ standing as a member of Congress gives her no immunity against Minnesota’s criminal laws against obstruction of justice. She ought to be under investigation. Remarkably, rather than distance themselves from such egregious conduct, the nation’s leading Democrats are piling on. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi insists that her fellow California congresswoman has nothing to apologize for. For his part, President Biden waited until the jury was deliberating to make the stunning public statement that he is ‘praying’ for Chauvin to be convicted.

“The fact that the jury was sequestered [during deliberation]… is no excuse. [Biden] is a lawyer and former Senate Judiciary Committee chairman who well knows that sequestration does not make jurors impervious to prejudicial publicity. And if he’s been following the case as he claims to have been, he knows trial judge Peter Cahill has pleaded that public officials stop commenting on the trial — under circumstances where, even before the Bidens and Waters piped up, there was already substantial reason to doubt that Chauvin could get a fair trial in Minneapolis.

“It does not matter how you hoped Chauvin’s trial would end. Our viability as a free, prosperous, rule-of-law society is dependent on the viability of courts as the protection every one of us, equally, can rely on against overbearing government and politicized mobs. In fact, due process is essential if we are to hold the guilty accountable — including police officers who abuse their power. Chauvin’s… conviction now has a real chance of having the result overturned because public officials, who know better, have recklessly undermined the integrity of the trial…”

In light of the 9+ minute video showing Chauvin’s horrible conduct towards Floyd, the conviction of Chauvin was hoped for and celebrated in the USA and all over the world, including by many liberal and conservative outlets, with the claim that the American legal system is the best in the world and that it works, or begins to work. However, this is the very point which is in question, as the previous articles raise—apart from the obvious hypocrisy, the politicizing and the double-standard of some American politicians and their supporters.

More US Soldiers to Germany

Defense News reported on April 13:

“The U.S. Army is sending two new units to Europe… making up about 500 soldiers… This will bring 750 family members to U.S. Army Garrison Wiesbaden in Germany… a third one that will deploy where necessary… ‘The [new units] will enable U.S. Army Europe and Africa to synchronize joint fires and effects, control future long range fires across all domains and will create more space, cyber and electronic warfare capabilities in Europe,’ Col. Joe Scrocca, the spokesman for U.S. Army Europe and Africa, said.

“The Army in Europe will also retain three sites ‘previously scheduled to be returned to the German government due to growing operational requirements in the European theater.’ President Trump had plans to drawdown U.S. troops presence in Europe against the advisement of military leaders, lawmakers and defense and national security experts.”

Not only are these American enlargements of US troops in Germany highly unpopular, one must ask whether the US is creating a Frankenstein monster in Europe.

Power Struggle in Germany

Bloomberg News wrote on April 18:

“The battle to lead Chancellor Angela Merkel’s conservative bloc into September’s election is headed for a final showdown…

“Armin Laschet, who leads Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union, and Markus Soeder, who runs the CDU’s Bavarian sister party CSU… have been holding secret negotiations since Friday… Both leaders… missed their self-imposed Friday deadline for an agreement. Given the current stalemate, there is growing concern among party leaders that any escalation of the standoff could cause irreversible damage to Merkel’s conservative bloc five months before the national election…

“In the latest poll by the institute Kantar the CDU/CSU bloc is only 7 percentage points ahead of the Green party… Polls have consistently showed that Soeder would comfortably defeat his main rivals if there were a direct vote for chancellor in the general election, while Laschet would lose.”

Bild wrote on April 18 that both leaders have been engaged in a brutal election war. The paper added that even though finally there will be a chancellor candidate who will call himself “victor,” he will be, in reality, a defeated man.

Deutsche Welle wrote on April 19: 

“Leading officials for the German conservative Christian Democratic Union (CDU) party voted to nominate Armin Laschet as chancellor candidate for this year’s election in the early hours of Tuesday morning… The vote is not an official decision on the candidate for the conservative bloc…”

With such an unpopular candidate as Laschet, one wonders how even conservative voters would react in the next election.

The Greens named their co-leader, 40-year old Annalena Baerbock, as the candidate to succeed Merkel. Deutsche Welle commented that based on Baerbock’s policies, there is “ little room for doubt that any potential coalition between the Greens under Baerbock and the conservatives could be a volatile arrangement.”

Germany has never had a Green chancellor or a chancellor from Bavaria’s CSU party. At the same time, as the Bloomberg News article points out, Armin Laschet is unpopular in Germany, while Markus Soeder, an admirer and follower of the legendary late Franz-Josef Strauss, has been gaining in popularity after his recent humiliating showing in Bavaria where he only reached 37 percent—the worst result in the history of Bavaria’s CSU. On the other hand, 63 percent of Germans see in Soeder as an acceptable chancellor candidate, while only 29 percent believe this of Laschet.

Armin Laschet CDU/CSU Top Candidate

Deutsche Welle reported on April 20:

“The state premier of Germany’s most populous state (NRW) is set to lead the conservative challenge in the general election later this year after his main rival Markus Söder backed out of the race… only 32% of voters who voted CDU or CSU in the 2017 federal election said they would stick with their choice if Laschet were the candidate… Observers say that it will now be no easy task to unite the CDU/CSU bloc behind its top candidate in an election campaign…

“The CDU is experiencing unusually hard times, for numerous reasons. These include difficulties in containing the coronavirus pandemic; various cases of corruption in party ranks; cronyism and distrust; not to mention a chancellor who… is domestically seen as a ‘lame duck’ because this is her last term… The road to the chancellorship will be a long and rocky one for Laschet.”

None of this looks good for the future of Merkel’s party.

Germany’s Planned Coronavirus Restrictions per Federal Law

The Local wrote on April 19:

“Politicians in Germany are holding crunch talks over a new nationwide ’emergency brake’ mechanism that would force states to implement tougher Covid rules when infections reach a certain level. On Monday, Chancellor Angela Merkel’s conservatives (the CDU and CSU) plus the Social Democrat (SPD) parliamentary groups – which make up the coalition government – discussed changes to the Infection Protection Act draft. If the law is passed by the Bundestag, states would be obliged to enforce new restrictions as soon as more than 100 new coronavirus infections per 100,000 inhabitants are registered over three days in a seven-day period.

“Here are the proposed changes under discussion:

Night-time curfews in badly-hit Covid areas should be in place from 10pm to 5am… Jogging and walks would be allowed until midnight. People would generally only be allowed to leave their homes during the curfew for work or emergencies…  In schools, virtual learning would be compulsory when a region hits a 7-day incidence of 165 Covid infections per 100,000 people or more… For children up to the age of 14, sports should continue to be possible in groups. The outdoor areas of zoos and botanical gardens are to remain open to visitors with an up-to-date negative Covid test. Employers must provide two coronavirus rapid tests per week to staff who can’t work from home. If the employer says staff can work from home, employees have to accept this offer…

“All regulations are initially limited to June 30th. Other parts of the draft include limiting gatherings of people from different households. Contact with one person outside of the household is permitted, with a maximum of five people being allowed together in hotspots. [As Deutsche Welle reported on April 21, in affected areas, (it is to be ensured that) “nonessential shops only allow customers in with a negative COVID-19 test and an appointment. If the incidence rate exceeds 150, customers can only pick up preordered goods.”]

“The Bundestag wants to pass the law on Wednesday [which it did after a “contentious debate” with strong opposition from the FDP, the Left and the AfD]. It will then go to the Bundesrat – which represents Germany’s 16 states – on Thursday.  If it is passed [and signed by the German President] the update to the Infection Protection Act would be put into place as soon as possible… “Federal Health Minister Jens Spahn (CDU)…  called on states to introduce restrictions immediately [adding, “No one needs to wait for the law.”].”

These harsh measures would even constitute a compromise and a “watered-down” version of a prior draft which Angela Merkel and Jens Spahn supported. “On Friday, German Chancellor Angela Merkel called upon lawmakers in the country to grant additional powers to the federal government to enforce lockdowns and curfews…” (Breitbart, April 19).

Subsequently, Deutsche Welle wrote on April 22:

“German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier on Thursday signed a national ‘emergency brake’ into law shortly after the legislation passed the upper house of parliament [Bundesrat, which is made up of representatives of the 16 federal states.] … The secretary-general of the free-market liberal Free Democrats (FDP)… reiterated his party’s opposition. Volker Wissing told public broadcaster ZDF on Wednesday evening: ‘In a free constitutional state, the state must clearly justify why it intervenes so massively in fundamental rights. The federal government has not succeeded in providing this justification.’… Even before the law was passed by the Bundesrat, Berlin lawyer Claus Pinkerneil lodged a complaint with the German Constitutional Court… FDP members of the Bundestag have also announced lawsuits.”

As Bild Online explained, both the Bundesrat as well as Steinmeier could have stopped the law due to concerns, but they did not do so. The tabloid also said that many legal experts question the constitutionality of that law, and that Germany’s highest court could revoke it. However, based on the hype and political propaganda, that is more than doubtful.

Germany is just one example, but an important one, for the ridiculous nonsensical restrictions which are being enforced in countries all over the world. Satan is TRULY the god of this world and the prince of darkness and of the power of the air, ruling all nations and governments whom he has thoroughly deceived.

Germany Prohibits Anti-Corona Restriction Demonstrations

Deutsche Welle reported on April 17:

“Bavaria’s Administrative Court agreed with the local authority that a ban on gatherings by groups of mostly COVID-deniers was necessary to prevent the risk of infection… the Saxony Higher Administrative Court… said that there was justifiable danger for the participants and passers-by… The ruling said the organizers would not be able to maintain social distancing and safety measures. The decision is unappealable and any other planned events are also prohibited…

“The Querdenker group has hosted several anti-lockdown rallies in recent months, with one demonstration in Leipzig attracting over 20,000 participants from around the region in November. German Justice Minister Christine Lambrecht has called on police to take a hardline against coronavirus demonstrations… ‘In addition to criminal prosecution, demonstrations must be broken up by the police,’ she said…”

Breitbart added on April 19:

“Despite the ban on gatherings, thousands of people turned out to protest in the city of Stuttgart on Saturday, with at least 700 people being arrested for attending the ‘illegal’ rally. Police in the city said that they also had recorded over 1,000 breaches of the mask-wearing mandate. Around 250 people also gathered in Cologne, under the banner of ‘no to curfews! Health protection instead of restricting our rights,’ after the city imposed a curfew for the first time since the Second World War.”

The police also forcefully stopped a demonstration in Berlin with 7,000 participants.

Germany is becoming more and more a prophesied dictatorship that does not tolerate any views opposed to the official policy. At the same time, Israel dropped outdoor COVID mask orders.

A THIRD Shot and ANNUAL Vaccinations!

Daily Mail wrote on April 15:

“Pfizer Inc’s CEO says he believes people will ‘likely’ need a third dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. During a panel discussion hosted by CNBC in conjunction with CVS Health that aired on Thursday, Albert Bourla said a potential booster shot would be administered six to 12 months of being fully vaccinated.

“Bourla added that he thinks it is possible that people will need to be immunized against coronavirus annually.”

The Times of Israel added on April 15:

“Pfizer and BioNTech are now testing their shots for children. On Wednesday they said the vaccine showed 100 percent efficacy against the coronavirus in 12- to 15-year-olds, as the companies eye approval for adolescents to get the shots before the next school year.”

When and where will this end?

Fauci’s Tossing a Coin

On April 18, the Ron Paul Institute republished the following article by the Washington Times:

“Fauci said on Sunday on national news that even those who’ve been vaccinated should not gather indoors, or eat indoors, or remove their masks — or basically, in essence, do anything that involves being and breathing around others. [He] will have Americans walking on pins and needles, living in fear, forever…

“His so-called supporting science is about as solid as tossing a coin. Heads, stay at home; tails, don’t go outside. Heads, wear a face mask; tails, wear two face masks…

“Now, with vaccines rolled out left and right, and more and more Americans getting vaccinated, and more and more Americans doing what the government told Americans to do — to wear face masks, to get vaccinated, to socially distance, to stay out of school, even — now, Fauci wants to suggest it’s all for naught?… Fauci and his made-up scientific terminology has done enough harm to the American people in terms of generating needless fear to strip individual liberties.

“It’s time to stop listening to him. It’s actually well past time to stop listening to him. Fauci’s faux science is simply destroying America from the inside, crippling freedoms and cowering Americans in the corner…”

The Bible has prophesied for a long time that America will be destroying itself from the inside, before it will be totally destroyed from the outside.

In a related article, Adam Dick of the Ron Paul Institute wrote on April 18:

As in the past, freedom stands in opposition to tyrannical government. Out of the coronavirus panic, tyranny gained the upper hand. What Fauci is saying in the interview is that one type of tyranny — coronavirus crackdown — can only be eliminated if another tyranny is accepted — people giving up their own control over their medical care by acceding to pressure to take the shots even though they do not believe doing so is the right health decision for them. Fauci thus leverages one form of tyranny to advance an additional form of tyranny. Either people take the shots or they keep, mostly figuratively, being hit by clubs… Fauci… is really declaring he is an enemy of freedom.”

Inhumane Coronavirus Rules

Breitbart wrote on April 18:

“Brexit leader Nigel Farage has slammed the ‘inhuman’ coronavirus rules which saw the Queen, 94, left sitting masked and alone at the funeral of her husband of 73 years. The Queen, who along with her late husband Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, was vaccinated against the Chinese virus all the way back in January, was following social distancing rules for funerals imposed on the rest of England by Boris Johnson’s administration. ‘So desperately sad to see the Queen sat alone during the funeral service,’ [wrote] Farage on social media. ‘These Covid rules are inhuman.’

Just 30 people attended the funeral of the Duke, Britain’s longest-serving consort, in a substantial reduction from the 800 who had originally been planned — although a substantial number of Armed Forces personnel took part in the proceedings, reflecting his status as perhaps the last major public figure to have seen action during the Second World War, when he served in the Mediterranean, Indian Ocean, and Pacific theatres…

“Grandson Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, flew in from America to participate in the restricted funeral, although his controversial and heavily pregnant wife Meghan remained behind, reportedly on the advice of her doctors.”

 Sunday Rest Required?

Vatican News wrote on March 4, 2021

“…on the occasion of the International Day for a work-free Sunday, the Commission of the Bishops’ Conferences of the EU (COMECE) and the European Sunday Alliance urged political leaders in Europe to protect synchronised free time… According to the network – which includes more than 100 national Sunday alliances, trade unions, employers’ organisations, civil society associations, churches and religious communities in the European Union – a full day of rest per week is indispensable to recover… EU Bishops also recall that ‘humans are social beings…A day free of work recognised by tradition or custom is therefore ‘essential to disconnect, literally and figuratively”’.

“The Alliance thus urges political leaders in Europe to make synchronised free time a priority… In particular, the European network calls on the European Commission ‘to align its upcoming proposal for a directive on a right to disconnect with article 2 of the Council of Europe’s Social Charter which already requires “a weekly rest period which shall, as far as possible, coincide with the day recognised by tradition or custom in the country or region concerned as a day of rest.”’”

The “mark of the Beast”  requires Sunday rest and work on Saturday—God’s holy weekly Sabbath. Note the next article.

Sunday NOT the biblical Sabbath

Forward wrote on March 25:

“Georgia Republicans recently passed a bill to eliminate early voting on Sunday… Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith, of Mississippi [wrote:] ‘In God’s word, in Exodus 20:8, it says “Remember the Sabbath and keep it holy.”’…  Hyde-Smith figured that it was self-evident that Sunday is the Sabbath… The Jewish Sabbath… is on Saturday, not Sunday; in fact, some Christians, such as the Eastern Orthodox, also observe a Saturday Sabbath.

“Even Sunday Sabbath Christians would agree that their Sabbath is not the biblical one Hyde-Smith is referring to in Exodus. Christianity’s shift to observing the Sabbath on a Sunday, as well as changing the parameters of its observance, was an attempt by Christians in the Roman Empire to differentiate themselves from Jews who were persecuted by the Romans. Constantine then codified the Sunday rest day, adding to the law that Christians were forbidden from ‘Judaizing’ and must work on Saturdays. But no one argues that Sunday was the ‘seventh day’ referred to in the holy text; it was considered the first day of the week in both Hebrew and Roman calendars. Hyde-Smith’s Exodus justification for the Sunday voting ban doesn’t hold…”

Sainthood for Key Founding Father of Europe?

Catholic News Agency reported on April 16:

“Pope Francis could declare venerable the French statesman Robert Schuman, a key ‘founding father’ of the European Union, a Vatican official has said… Cardinal Semeraro told the French newspaper La Croix the Pope is likely to declare Schuman venerable before summer begins…

“He was France’s Minister of Foreign Relations when he announced the forming of the European Steel and Coal Community on May 9, 1950. The move is considered a first step towards the creation of the European Union. Schuman was also a key negotiator for the North Atlantic Treaty and the European Coal and Steel Community. He served as the first President of the European Parliament which named him ‘Father of Europe’ when he left office…

“In November 2003 remarks to the Robert Schuman Foundation… St. John Paul II called Europeans to remember and cherish their Christian roots. He praised Schuman for spending his political life ‘in the service of the fundamental values of freedom and solidarity, understood fully in the light of the Gospel.’”

Facebook under Attack (Again) for Arbitrary Political Censorship

Newsmax wrote on April 19:

“Facebook’s decision last week to censor news articles critical of Black Lives Matter leader Patrisse Cullors has been questioned after it was revealed that the social media giant co-founder, Dustin Moskovitz, gave more than $5 million into a network of nonprofits run by Cullors… Facebook blocked its users from posting links to a story in the New York Post about how Cullors, who calls herself a Marxist, spent $3.2 million on high-end real estate as her BLM Global Network Foundation took in millions in donations, saying the reporting violated its ‘privacy and personal information policy.’

“News Media Alliance (NMA), a media nonprofit which represents nearly 2,000 American news organizations, criticized Facebook for its ‘completely arbitrary’ decision to block the story about Cullors… The National Legal and Policy Center, a watchdog group, also slammed Facebook’s decision, saying ‘this, once again, proves freedom of speech is an option not a feature across the Facebook platform, where their corporate interests are placed above the interests of their users at every turn.’”


Netanyahu Seeks Direct Election

Newsmax reported on April 21:

“Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has decided to seek a direct election for prime minister and no longer is seeking a government that relies on the support of the United Arab List Party, he said Tuesday. Netanyahu said a direct election for prime minister will pass if Yamina supports it… Seeing no chance to form a government, Netanyahu still intends to maintain his mandate to do so, associates said. That mandate ends May 4, after which a group of small parties that oppose him hope to be able to form an alternative government…

“Netanyahu twice failed to build a governing coalition in Israel’s two 2019 elections. After the 2020 election, the longtime leader formed a unity government with his main rival in what they said was an emergency coalition to manage the coronavirus crisis. The partnership collapsed in December after months of infighting.”

Hezbollah Preparing for Lebanon’s Collapse

The Algemeiner published the following article on April 19

“Lebanon’s Hezbollah terror organization is advancing its preparations for the possibility that the state may collapse… The group is expanding its food ration card system, importing medicine and preparing storage for fuel to be delivered by the organization’s patron, Iran… These steps are aimed at broadening services provided by Hezbollah to its Shi’ite support base, which is mostly concentrated in southern Lebanon, as well as in south Beirut and the Bekaa Valley…

“Having to again rely on factions for basic needs has reminded many Lebanese of the country’s civil war days between 1957 to 1990… Lebanon’s currency has crashed and… food prices in the country have risen by 400 percent.”

A horrible Decision by a “most dishonorable” Judge in Canada

International Family News wrote on April 19:

“In the Canadian National Anthem ring the words, ‘the true north, strong and free.’ And it pains me as a Canadian to say that ‘the north’… my native land, is no longer strong or free, because it has sold truth down the river without a paddle. That point has been recently hammered home thanks to an activist judge in British Columbia. A Canadian father is in jail today for simply doing as any loving parent would do; protecting one’s child from clear and present danger.

“On Friday, April 16th, Rob Hoogland – a postman from Vancouver, British Columbia – was handed a 6 months jail term. His crime? Calling his daughter ‘she’ and ‘her’, railing against ‘gender ideology’ indoctrination his child was being subjected to at school, and defending his child from medical assault being imposed on his family by the state.

“Hoogland is in jail today for those ‘crimes’. But he has been a prisoner for much longer. Well before Hoogland was a prisoner in a Vancouver jail cell from March 16th to April 12th, awaiting trial. Well before Hoogland surrendered himself to the court March 16th in response to the BC Attorney General’s ruling of contempt of court. And even before a most dishonourable Judge Michael Tammen issued the warrant for his arrest on March 4th.

“Rob Hoogland has been a prisoner of the ‘system’ going back to 2015. It was then that things started to unravel for him and his young family… Hoogland and his estranged wife – whom he divorced in the spring of 2015 – were concerned for their then 5th-grade daughter who was getting into trouble at school. The parents consented to having their daughter speak to a school counselor. Unbeknownst to Mr. Hoogland, his daughter would spend the next two years meeting with school counsellors and in grade 7, his daughter cut her hair very short. It was at the end of that school year that Hoogland noticed that his daughter was listed in her yearbook under a male name. What had been happening is that the school had been feeding Hoogland’s daughter a steady diet of transgender ideology. The girl had already begun ‘transitioning’ to a male under the supervision of psychologist Wallace Wong who had referred her to an endocrinologist at the Gender Clinic at BC Children’s Hospital in Vancouver.

“… Hoogland is up against a storm of opposition which includes his wife who, along with Canadian legal and medical systems, continues to forge ahead into transitioning her daughter into a male – both socially and medically. And that doesn’t even take into account the constant barrage from schoolmates, mainstream media, pop culture, and a Marxian education system that put this troubled girl down a road from where there is no return… and her father behind bars…

“By the time Rob Hoogland had attended that first visit to the endocrinologist with his daughter, the cards were well stacked against him. The doctor laid out the plan to medically ‘change’ his 13-year old girl into a boy. Hoogland said ‘no’. He said his girl had told him she was a lesbian. She was just going through a phase. He also told the doctor that his girl had already had two extremely uncomfortable run-ins with the school and his daughter’s infatuation with two separate male teachers. Hoogland was also beside himself having to have dealt with his child’s suicide attempt in Grade 8; this, after the child had been ‘affirming’ herself as a boy…”

In a world ruled by Satan, nothing is surprising anymore. This is a sick sick world.

Monkey-Human Chimeras

Deutsche Welle reported on April 16:

“A team of scientists from China and the United States… injected human stem cells into monkey blastocytes… The team… then managed to keep some of the embryos made up of two different genetic materials alive for up to 20 days. A ‘mixed’ organism like this is also known as chimeric, or an interspecies chimera… the key ethical question relates to what kind of creatures these chimeras would be… whether these embryos are human or not is open to question…”

Hitler experimented with these ideas, trying unsuccessfully to create a mixture or a “hybrid” between humans and chimps, called “humanzee.” Man is trying to play God against the normal laws of nature, as in nature, humans could never mix with chimps to produce a “hybrid” or a “chimera”… These are horrible prospects.

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