The Warning of the Watchmen

The Feast of Trumpets reminds us of the Second Coming of Christ at the sound of the last trumpet and our resurrection, change and gathering with Him. But we also think of the terrible events which will occur prior to Christ’s Return. These events are announced symbolically many times in the Bible through the blowing of trumpets.

It is the responsibility of the Church of God to proclaim the coming Kingdom of God and God’s rule over the Earth. This includes warning mankind of imminent trouble. The prophet Ezekiel received from God a warning message for the House of Israel, but it was not meant for the Ezekiel of old and the ancient House of Israel. Rather, it is a warning for the modern House of Israel and for all peoples, as well as for God’s Church, which must proclaim this message today.

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Freedom From Slavery

The Feast of Trumpets is a memorial–a day of blowing an awakening blast. We are warned that literal slavery is coming upon the modern houses of Israel and Judah, as well as parts of God’s Church. Upon repentance, the returning Jesus Christ will bring freedom from slavery. Today, we can become worthy, in God’s eyes, to escape the yoke of captivity, as well as the spiritual slavery of sin and death, by submitting to the will of God, and by fulfilling, individually and collectively, God’s commission to His Church to be “spiritual trumpets.” God offers us protection from the Great Tribulation, but it is not received automatically, just because we may be “in” the Church of God.

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