No Escape From Death

We do not know when we will die, but we do know that we will die. Death is inescapable, and so we need to be prepared. How will we die? Will our day of death be better than our day of birth? Will we die the death of a righteous? Will we be blessed in death? Will death have lost its sting for us? Will the crown of life await us?

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Just Called or also Chosen?

Only very few are called today to salvation, and only they can truly understand God and His Way of Life. Christ did not come to convert the world in this day and age, and neither does the Church of God have that commission. True Christians have been predestined to be called and chosen now. They are not called because of their good works. Why then do we read that many are called, but few are chosen?

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Paul’s Letter to the Philippians – Part 8

In this final installment, we discuss how Paul learned to be content and self-sufficient, and to be full and hungry. We will also see how our gifts abound to our account; and why God views our gifts to others as acceptable sweet-smelling sacrifices.

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Paul’s Letter to the Philippians – Part 6

In the third chapter, Paul warned true church members not to follow those of ungodly character, who had confidence in the flesh and who worshipped their own belly. Paul called them dogs, evil workers and the mutilation. By contrast, even though Paul might have had every reason, strictly from a carnal standpoint, to be proud of his heritage, ethnic background, upbringing and education, he considered all of it worthless, so that he would attain the resurrection from the dead.

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The Spirit of God

Twelve points on what the Spirit of God does for a converted Christian in the New testament age outlining both the benefits and  looking at the future reward for remaining faithful.

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Deliver Us From Evil

God does not only help us not to fall into temptation, but
He is also willing to deliver us, or free us from evil. What, exactly, is the
“evil” from which God needs to deliver us? This sermon will discuss the three
most important aspects of “evil,”of which we must be aware. These are our
enemies from which God will have to free us. And God has promised that He will
do so, when we ask Him and when we really want Him to.

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