God’s Control of the Weather

This sermon shows the difference between today’s weather conditions, which are oftentimes catastrophic, and the weather conditions in the future, when God rules on earth. Bad weather conditions can be the direct result of God’s punishment for sin, while good weather can be the direct consequence of God’s blessing for right conduct. We will also address the political situation around the world, following Mr. Trump’s election as President; his “no-win”- position; and “Europe’s perfect storm,” leading to unparalleled terrible world conditions, as a result of sin.

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Germany in Panic Mood

The German government is contemplating highly unpopular measures of civil defense and military actions, due to perceived or real threats facing the country’s very existence. These measures have a direct relationship to biblical prophecy. In addition, European leaders from Germany, France and Italy are pressing ahead for increased cooperation on defense and the establishment of a European Army.

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The Helmet of Salvation

Paul tells us in Ephesians 6:17 to “take the helmet of salvation.” What else are we to “take” from God, and what is the connection with the helmet of salvation? Why are we reading about the cup of salvation; the shield of salvation; and the garments of salvation? The Bible speaks also about the helmet of the hope of salvation. What exactly is this hope? What exactly is salvation? And what is the only way to obtain salvation?

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How did Christ Really Die?

Did Jesus die of a broken heart or exhaustion? Does the Bible explain HOW Christ died on the cross? The Holy Scriptures tell us that He died by shedding His blood, and that He was pierced through for our transgressions. HOW was He pierced through? The answer might surprise you.

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Trials and Temptations

Many have used the phrase. Many are saying it in their church services. Some are saying it in prayer every day. But do they really understand what they are saying? We are referring to a phrase, which is attributed to Jesus Christ. According to the Authorized Version, Jesus asked us to pray to the Father, “Lead us not into temptation.” But, did Christ tell us to pray in that way? Wouldn’t this be a strange request, knowing that God does not tempt anyone? The problem is that the translation in the Authorized Version is very misleading. What Christ actually did say is a puzzle to many. The answer might surprise you.
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Developing the fruit of the Spirit is vital to our continued growth as Christians. Its manifestation is the proof that God is working in our lives.  The tools used to grow in the Spirit are Prayer, Bible Study, Mediation and occasional Fasting. These are MUSTS and must not be neglected for our continued walk as Christians and our development of our crucial ongoing relationship with God and Christ.

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