Will Christ Return Twice? Will There Be a Secret Rapture?

We know that Christ will return, but do we know when and in what manner?  Why did Christ tell us to watch? Can His return be accelerated or delayed? Have the beginning of sorrows already commenced? What is the origin of the “secret rapture” concept? What does the Bible say?

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Are You Ready for the Day of the Lord?

The Bible speaks of the terrible Day of the Lord and admonishes us to be prepared and not to be caught off-guard. Especially the book of Joel contains many warnings and shows us what will happen during that future time which is not far from us.

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The Warning of the Watchmen

The Feast of Trumpets reminds us of the Second Coming of Christ at the sound of the last trumpet and our resurrection, change and gathering with Him. But we also think of the terrible events which will occur prior to Christ’s Return. These events are announced symbolically many times in the Bible through the blowing of trumpets.

It is the responsibility of the Church of God to proclaim the coming Kingdom of God and God’s rule over the Earth. This includes warning mankind of imminent trouble. The prophet Ezekiel received from God a warning message for the House of Israel, but it was not meant for the Ezekiel of old and the ancient House of Israel. Rather, it is a warning for the modern House of Israel and for all peoples, as well as for God’s Church, which must proclaim this message today.

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Resist the Devil!

Satan rules mankind, but most don’t know about it. And very few understand that Satan’s great wrath and his desire to destroy are directed foremost against God’s people–the true followers of Jesus Christ. We must be aware of the temptations, deceptions and wiles of the devil and of his human instruments, so that we can withstand, conquer and defeat them with God’s help.

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The Real Herbert W. Armstrong

The Church of the Eternal God and its corporate worldwide affiliates teach as major doctrines those which were taught by Herbert W. Armstrong, as derived from the Bible. Much has been written and said about Herbert Armstrong, but very little resembles the truth. In this program, we present to you the real Herbert Armstrong and explain the end-time commission and purpose of God’s true Church. We also offer our free booklet on the “Authority of the Bible.”

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A Day of Change

We speak of how things change–usually it is over time. But the Feast of Trumpets focuses on a period when sudden, catastrophic occurrences will be happening with mind-numbing speed! The good news of this Day is that Jesus Christ will return to this earth to change the government of this world and to establish peace. Reviewing the examples and meaning of the Feast of Trumpets will help us prepare for what lies ahead.

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