Suicide—Why…and How to Prevent It?

Suicide rates are on the rise; especially in rural counties of the USA. This week has been declared as the “National Suicide Prevention Week,” to bring awareness to the warning signs of suicide. But what are they? What drives a person to wanting to commit this final act? Discouragement and depression are leading causes of suicide, but why do people become depressed? Why is suicide so useless? Why is it never a solution? What can you do if you know of a person in danger… or if you yourself are that person?  

Is There No Solution to Violence and Mass Shootings?

Within the last few days, terrible mass shootings have occurred in the USA, and we also hear about more and more insane violent attacks throughout the world. Why is this happening, and has the Bible forewarned that those atrocities will take place in the last days?  Is there no hope and no solution? But if there is, what is it?

What Satan CANNOT Do!

Satan and his demons rule with great power on this earth, but Christians don’t have to be afraid of them, as long as they take the necessary precautions. In this sermon, we will show what the Devil and his demons are UNABLE to do, and this should give us great confidence.

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Fear of Nuclear War

Almost 2,000 years ago, the disciples asked Christ what would be the sign of His coming and the end of the world. Christ warned that there would be wars and rumors of wars prior to His return, and that they would increase in intensity. A website introduced ten scenarios of likely wars with devastating consequences, but they missed completely the ONE nuclear confrontation which will trigger World War III and the Great Tribulation. Why is it important that YOU and your loved ones understand?
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Why Will God Punish America?

The Bible speaks in no uncertain terms about America’s future defeat in war, and it gives us many reasons as to why God is extremely angry with the USA, as well as other nations. We will see in this sermon why the ancient House of Israel went into captivity. We will also show that America, which is called modern Sodom in the Bible, commits the same sins today, without any real hope for repentance and change.

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Foolish Science

God created man to cultivate and take care of the environment. But man disobeyed and rejected God, while deciding on his own how to live. Today, God-defying scientists create genetically modified mosquitoes, which pose a real threat to humans, and carnal minds manufacture the most deadly form of the bird flu, which is now able to jump from birds to humans. Thankfully, this crazy, Satan-inspired world will soon come to an end, and when man undergoes a total change of his thinking, he will experience soundness and peace after 6,000 years of sickness, hatred and war.

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Could Jesus Return Tonight?

A strong minority of Americans believes that we are living in the End Times, while 52 percent disagree. Some believe and teach that Jesus could come back tonight, while others say that He won’t return at all. What does the Bible tell us?

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Common Misconceptions – Part 1

There are many controversies and misconceptions the world is confused about when it comes to certain holidays such as Christmas, Easter, New Years, Halloween, and when it comes to commandments such as idol worship, taking God’s name in vain, murder, and also things like voting, jury duty, unclean meats, smoking and tattoos.  What does the Bible have to say about such practices?

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A Whole New World

The world will be transformed into a place of peace with everyone keeping the laws of  God during the  millennial rule of Jesus Christ.

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