No Communion for Pelosi and Catholic Confusion

The Catholic Church is in a state of confusion and disunity… and so is this country… and a house divided cannot stand. The lack of morality and of spiritual understanding is exemplified by the events surrounding practicing Catholic Nancy Pelosi, presenting an ugly picture of hypocrisy. This program discusses why it is perceived to be “outdated” to believe in and preach about sin.

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What Exactly Is the Holy Spirit?

Is the Holy Spirit an independent Personality or Person, or does it at least exist in some way as a conscious entity which is separate from the Father and the Son? If not, how are we to understand biblical Scriptures which seem to indicate that the Holy Spirit speaks or acts; and that this happens independently of God the Father and Jesus Christ? Upon closer examination, we will see that those passages, as well as the entire teachings of the Bible, convey something completely different from what is commonly assumed.

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How Is God’s Holy Spirit ONE Spirit?

On the annual Feast Day of Pentecost, God gave His Holy Spirit to the New Testament Church. The Bible tells us that God’s Holy Spirit dwells in a true Christian, leading and motivating him or her. But what does this mean? Does only the Father have Holy Spirit, emanating from Him? Or does Jesus Christ have Holy Spirit as well, flowing out of Him? If so, which Holy Spirit dwells in a true Christian? The Holy Spirit of the Father, the Holy Spirit of Christ, or both? Who gives the Holy Spirit to a Christian? The Father, the Son, or both? And if it is true that a true Christian has received the Spirit of the Father and the Spirit of Christ, how can the Holy Spirit be ONE Spirit?

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Catholics and Protestants… Divided or United?

About 500 years after the Reformation, the Catholic Church and the Protestant denominations or Evangelicals are still divided. But how divided are they really? In this program, we discuss eight major divisions, while showing that Catholics and Protestants are mostly unified in doctrine and practice, which are opposed to and in violation of the Word of God, the Bible.

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Pope Francis’ Fight with the Vatican

It has been almost a recent routine by the Vatican to ignore, dispute or “clarify” something that Pope Francis has (allegedly) said. This includes statements about communism, homosexuality, divorce and remarriage, and whether animals go to heaven when they die. Pope Francis is also involving himself more and more in political affairs, such as the relationship between the USA and Cuba. His popularity is enormous, especially in Europe, due to his charming appearance. His most recent strong attack against the Curia has been described as “without historic precedent” and “one last warning before a direct confrontation.” A spokesman for the Vatican has also referred to him as a “prophet.” What can we expect to occur in the future? We offer two free booklets, “Do We Have an Immortal Soul?” and “Man’s Holidays or God’s Holy Days?”

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One Nation Under WHAT God?

What God are we worshipping? Is it enough to believe in just any “god”? Does the true God of the Bible accept our worship of pagan idols? Does He want us to worship Him as just one Person, or as three Persons in one Person, or as one Person in three hypostases or modes of being? Who and what IS God? Who was and is Jesus Christ? Are the Jews or the Moslems correct, who worship just one God Being, or orthodox Christians, who worship a Trinity, believing that the Holy Spirit is God? Or are they perhaps ALL wrong?

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Common Misconceptions – Part 2

Continuing with the second part on what the world is confused about, when it comes to practices such as homosexuality, divorce, fornication, what happens to us when we die, the trinity, and the concept of tithing.  What does the Bible have to say about these topics?

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Where is your Hope?

Many in our Western World are looking for spiritual guidance by turning to eastern gods and goddesses. They feel disappointed by the confusing teachings of traditional orthodox Christianity, not realizing that according to the Bible, there is only one true hope for all of us. Do you know what that hope is?
Summary Terms:
Huffington Post goddess Durga Holy Mother Mary queen heaven Isaiah Day LORD eastern ways Revelation demons sorceries resurrection immortal soul death sleep Trinity crucifixion resurrection Father Son Holy Spirit Messiah Savior Tucson memorial service father sky mother earth antichrist flesh Jesus Christ name salvation eternal life

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Is the Church of God a Sect?

Down through the ages, the
Church of God has undergone persecution, scattering, martyrdom, wolves among the
sheep and accusations to mention but a few.  The apostolic church was called a
sect.  We are the direct descendents
of the first century church and, therefore, we may be called the same.   The real problem in today’s
society is the connotation that is put on the interpretation of that word.   We were not promised an easy life
– indeed, narrow is the way, and persecution has always been part of the true
Christian’s lot.   It has been
claimed that there are nine different marks that reveal a sect and these are all

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