Why Do Righteous People Suffer?

The main purpose of this sermon is not to explain that suffering can be the consequence of sin. Rather, it will be shown that and why righteous people must suffer… independently from sinful conduct. This might sound as a paradox at first sight, but it is not. Instead, we hope that this sermon will give you much encouragement and motivation.

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God’s Law—Blessing or Curse?

The New Testament rejects the ridiculous idea that Christ came to abolish or destroy the Law of God. We must know, of course, which Law the Bible is talking about. The Book of Isaiah shows what happens when we break the Law… and when we keep it.

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Christ spoke of a coming great tribulation of unparalleled proportions. It will be a time of persecution of many of God’s elect, and a time of military defeat of the modern nations of the houses of Israel and Judah. Some of God’s people will be protected at a place of safety, and many will be protected later from God’s wrath to come, during the Day of the Lord. But does this mean that all will escape any persecution? And who will be at the place of safety, and who will not be there? Don’t assume that you know the answer.

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The Frightening Future of Europe

Former German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder advocates a United States of Europe and claims that Britain causes the biggest problems. Angela Merkel speaks now of a Europe of two speeds. She wants to give the European Council President even more power. This program shows what it all means.

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Birds and Fish Will Waste Away

What is the meaning of the worldwide deaths of thousands of birds and over 150,000 fish? What will happen next? Is the Great Tribulation about to begin? Will Christ the Messiah return soon? Will mankind rejoice when He appears?
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Why Are We Here?

A look at events leading up to the return of Christ and the challenges facing us at the beginning of the millennium.

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What a Day

The rejoicing when this day is fulfilled in the future with billions resurrected and given a chance of eternal life.

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