Pope Francis Attacks True Christianity!

In recent comments, Pope Francis displayed his utter ignorance of what true Christianity is all about, and he attacked true Christians in a totally inconsistent and contradictory way. WHAT DID HE SAY which was so terribly wrong? And WHY were some of his comments so utterly hypocritical? Please stay tuned to the END of this program for a very important announcement.

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Adherance to Truth Equals Conversion

Christ tells us in John 18:37 that “Everyone who is of the truth
hears My voice.” That statement from the mouth of our Savior implies
that those who hear His voice respond to Christ’s words in a positive
manner.One who does not respond, positively, to Christ’s words is still of this world, which is Satan’s world.Every person called of God has been called to become converted from
the ways of this world to the ways of truth! The key to this conversion
is one’s response to the truths Jesus Christ proclaimed!

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