Christmas and New Year’s Celebrations

What do you really know about the origin of Christmas and New Year’s celebrations? Why do we celebrate Christ’s birth on December 25 and New Year’s on January 1? Why do we decorate Christmas trees with candles? Why do we make noise on New Year’s Eve? Why did England and America prohibit Christmas celebrations for many decades? Learn the true facts, as revealed by English minister Alexander Hislop, the Reader’s Digest Association, and the German magazine PM.

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The Petraeus Scandal and the Fiscal Cliff

What is the real scandal behind David Petraeus’ marital infidelity and resignation? And why should you be concerned about the fiscal cliff and the entitlement cliff? Why do all these and other developments show that the signs of the downfall of the USA are obvious? Why the desire of the world to see America on its knees?

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Encouragement in Economic Hardship

The Wall Street Journal wrote: “The U.S. government spends while it can”; and that “federal outlays will reach $3.72 trillion in 2010.” USA Today said that our planned deficit for 2010 of almost $1.6 trillion is “a recipe for financial disaster.” The A.P. reported that the “number of newly laid-off workers filing initial claims for jobless benefits rose unexpectedly” by the end of January. CNN Money revealed that “Social Security will be $28 billion in the hole” in 2010. But even though the U.S. economic outlook is devastating, we would like to give you hope and encouragement on this program.

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Tithing Today

Is tithing still mandatory for us today? How can we know? And what do all the different concepts mean, such as, First Tithe, Second Tithe, Third Tithe, Tithe of the Tithe, or Excess Second Tithe? How do we calculate Third Tithe, and when do we have to pay it?
This short message will explain.

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Trials and Temptations

Many have used the phrase. Many are saying it in their church services. Some are saying it in prayer every day. But do they really understand what they are saying? We are referring to a phrase, which is attributed to Jesus Christ. According to the Authorized Version, Jesus asked us to pray to the Father, “Lead us not into temptation.” But, did Christ tell us to pray in that way? Wouldn’t this be a strange request, knowing that God does not tempt anyone? The problem is that the translation in the Authorized Version is very misleading. What Christ actually did say is a puzzle to many. The answer might surprise you.
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