The Fools and the Foolish

There are 3 aspects the Bible talks about when it comes to the words “fool”, “foolish”, or “foolishness”. How does the Bible describe a fool and what does the Bible say about foolishness? What does it mean when the Bible talks about the foolish things of the world?

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Prepare Yourself

When the time comes, will we be prepared for an evacuation? God gave specific commands to certain individuals in the Bible to prepare for an evacuation. They had to obey and do exactly what God instructed, in order to be saved. Will we be ready in that day when Christ comes back and will we be strong enough spiritually to handle what is prophecied in the Bible?

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Be Strong and of Good Courage

Be Strong and of good Courage was the admonition God gave to Joshua prior to him going into the promised land  because of the great responsibility he would face. In similar manner w need to be strong and of good courage as we live our Christian lives in this land until the return of Christ to set up the Kingdom which is our promised land.

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