Why Is America in so much Trouble?

With America’s disastrous and embarrassing retreat from Afghanistan and the murderous Taliban being back in power, with natural catastrophes and misguided human beliefs, a common denominator should become obvious, while many lies are exposed. This program shows you WHY America is experiencing unprecedented disasters and explains that God is not mocked.

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A Successful Marriage

In what way is the physical marriage a copy or pattern of our spiritual marriage with Christ? What does this mean for our prophetic understanding? Can we say that our marriage covenant with Christ is successful if we are lacking in prophetic knowledge and engaging in unwarranted and unbiblical speculations? After all, the Holy Spirit of Christ is a Spirit of prophecy.

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Are You Ready?

Are we physically and spiritually prepared for the Fall Holy Days as this time pictures what the future will be like when Christ returns to establish His Kingdom here on this earth.  We need to be ready with patience as we are being trained now, through the understanding that God has given us, so we can reach perfection.


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The Old Testament Commandments, Statutes, and Judgments

Jesus said that all the Law and the Prophets hang on the two great commandments of loving God and neighbor. The first four of the Ten Commandments hang on the injunction to love God, and the last six of the Ten Commandments hang on the injunction to love our neighbor. In addition, certain Old Testament statutes and judgments hang on each of the Ten Commandments, in that they tell us specifically and in detail as to how we are to keep them.

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Is Christ the End of the Law?

Many will tell you that Christ came to abolish the law of the Ten Commandments. They say that this is what Paul meant when he spoke about Jesus being the end of the law. But is this correct? Why did Christ say that those who transgress the law will not be in God’s Kingdom, and that those are liars who claim to know God, but refuse to keep His commandments? This program gives you true answers from your Bible and rejects carnal arguments which are hostile to God.

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What Does God Say About Circumcision

A recent German court ruling that criminalizes the circumcision of babies and young boys for religious reasons, has caused an outcry of condemnation around the world, but most Germans welcome and approve of the decision. What does the Bible say about circumcision? Is it still binding for Christians today? Is it allowed or prohibited? The answer may surprise you.

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The Nations

The Bible speaks about and defines nations – all from God’s perspective.  While the nation of Israel is of a particular note, the ultimate truth for mankind is that the promises of God’s salvation transcend physical boundaries to include all people.

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The Spirit of God

Twelve points on what the Spirit of God does for a converted Christian in the New testament age outlining both the benefits and  looking at the future reward for remaining faithful.

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The Angel Lucifer

When Lucifer rebelled against the Almighty God he had a specific, all consuming purpose in mind for what he did. That purpose is still his major objective today. He continues to work toward that all consuming objective.

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A Whole New World

The world will be transformed into a place of peace with everyone keeping the laws of  God during the  millennial rule of Jesus Christ.

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