Evolution or Creation?

Are plants, animals and humans the product of an evolutionary process which began by accident when an organic soup was bombarded by gases from the universe? Was Darwin correct when he called man nothing more than a walking amoeba? Why are there living fossils? Did man evolve from apes? Was Neanderthal an ape or a man–or was he a missing link? Is the Radio Carbon method correct which scientists use to determine the age of remains? Would the Bible allow for the existence of a Loch Ness monster or Bigfoot?

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Sex between Angels and Women?

Many believe that at the time of Noah, angelic beings had sexual intercourse with women and produced giants. Is this the teaching of the Bible? If not, what are the origins of this concept? And how are we to understand the biblical statement in the book of Genesis, chapter 6, that “sons of God” “took wives for themselves” from the “daughters of men” who “bore children to them”?

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God's Kingdom and His Righteousness

Jesus Christ, while teaching His disciples principles by which they were to live instructed them that any who would follow Him should seek first the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness.
Why did Christ say this? Why is it critical for one to seek after these two things? And how is one to accomplish this requirement?
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