Don’t Add or Take Away

The Bible mentions several times that we are not to add or take away from what is written.  What is God referring to?

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God or Man? – Part 1

When is it justified to obey God rather than man, even when it comes to human laws and Godly laws? Do we still need to keep the 10 Commandments today? What do the laws of man suggest and are there any contradictions to the laws of God? When it comes right down to it, will we obey God rather than man?  This first part will cover the first 4 Commandments which describe the love towards God.

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Conquer Our Obstacles

We encounter many obstacles in our lives on a daily basis which come in various forms. How can we overcome them and in what ways can we learn from the examples we read about in the Bible?

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In God’s Hands

Are our lives in God’s hands?  Are the trials that we experience part of God’s purpose?  Does God have a hand in world affairs and the leadership, and does He control what the fate of this nation and the rest of the world will be? How can we be spared from the devastation that will soon take place?


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Beware of Distractions

There are many different types of distractions that could keep us from the Kingdom of God, if we are not careful. We need to be aware of what is truly important and what we need to keep our focus on if we want to be counted worthy.


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Anger Management

Psychologists misunderstand the nature of anger and give oftentimes wrong advice as to how to deal with it. What does the Bible say about the causes of anger and wrath? Does God tell us very clearly how we are not to deal with anger; and how we can solve this devastating problem which could destroy us and others?

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The Purpose of Fasting

We are commanded to “afflict our souls” on the Day of
Atonement. Does this really mean that we must fast for 24 hours? And if so, do
we fast by just abstaining from solid food during that time, or do we also have
to abstain from liquids? What are some of the reasons and purposes for
fasting? On the other hand, what are some of the motives which we should not
have when we fast? Does fasting have rewards? Can we fast in vain? And what is
the connection between reconciliation or at-one-ment and fasting?

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Trials and Temptations

Many have used the phrase. Many are saying it in their church services. Some are saying it in prayer every day. But do they really understand what they are saying? We are referring to a phrase, which is attributed to Jesus Christ. According to the Authorized Version, Jesus asked us to pray to the Father, “Lead us not into temptation.” But, did Christ tell us to pray in that way? Wouldn’t this be a strange request, knowing that God does not tempt anyone? The problem is that the translation in the Authorized Version is very misleading. What Christ actually did say is a puzzle to many. The answer might surprise you.
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