Scorn and Ridicule for God and His People

The Bible shows us that especially in these end times, many will scoff at God, His Word, His servants and His people. We should not be surprised when we are ridiculed and scorned. Those who may know us and do not approve of our new way of life may look for “reasons” to mock us and speak evil of us–because they themselves may not want to change. But we must also be careful that we do not unnecessarily provoke ridicule through our own conduct.

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The Power of the Tongue

If we want to be righteous people, we must control the use of our tongues. Although no man can tame the tongue, God can, but we must let Him do it. If we keep saying wrong things, then there is something wrong with our hearts–with the way we think–the way our minds function. There are numerous principles in the Bible, showing us what to say and what not to say. There is also a strong connection between slander and wrong judgment. And, to use foul language or certain euphemisms is just another way of misusing our tongues. Death and life are in the power of our tongues. How we use them can make all the difference– for us and for others.
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