God’s Spirit of Mercy

In this world, we do not find much mercy. Rather, we see a lack of love; a thirst for revenge; and unmerciful conduct. But God shows us that we must be merciful in order to obtain His mercy. In many cases, self-righteousness prevents people from being merciful, as they may think that they are so much better than others; that they could never do what others have done; and that it is therefore necessary to dig up what has been buried. Such an attitude will never give us inward peace.

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The Power of the Tongue

If we want to be righteous people, we must control the use of our tongues. Although no man can tame the tongue, God can, but we must let Him do it. If we keep saying wrong things, then there is something wrong with our hearts–with the way we think–the way our minds function. There are numerous principles in the Bible, showing us what to say and what not to say. There is also a strong connection between slander and wrong judgment. And, to use foul language or certain euphemisms is just another way of misusing our tongues. Death and life are in the power of our tongues. How we use them can make all the difference– for us and for others.
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