What God’s Church Needs to Do!– Comments on News and Prophecy

We are told to cry aloud and spare not.  This includes, pointing at and proclaiming prophetic developments in the light of biblical prophecy. And we must do so boldly and with conviction. Some don’t do this at all; others want us to give a watered-down Laodicean-type message, where anything goes. But this is not what we must do.

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How to Love our Country

Are we to love our country in which we live… to be true patriots? If so, what does this mean exactly, and what does it not mean? Many have a wrong concept of true godly love, and this program will give you answers to many misunderstood ideas.

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FOT: Relentless Sins

We all sin for we are not perfect.  What about recurring sins?  What can we do to conquer them?  The Bible gives us valuable advice, including examples of those who struggled with this very issue and how they overcame.

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Ruling with Christ–How and Why? (Feast of Tabernacles 2019)

How can we be sure that we will be in the Kingdom of God and rule with and under Christ? How could God be so sure that David or Abraham would make it into the Kingdom? Why was God totally convinced and knew that Christ would never sin, when He was here on earth as a human being? How does God know what will happen in the future? And why should we look forward to our rule over others in the Kingdom? What are some of God’s promises for us and others?

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Abominable! Court Orders Abortion Despite Mother’s Objection

An absolutely terrible court decision was rendered in England by a pro-abortion judge, ORDERING an abortion although the 22 weeks pregnant Catholic mother and her mother objected, with the rationale that because six “psychiatric specialists” recommended abortion and the mother was mentally disabled, it was in her “best interest” to abort the child. Fortunately, a Court of Appeals overturned this inhuman judgment, but in what kind of an indifferent society do we live, allowing such a court decision to become possible in the first place.


Christ’s Praise and Rebuke

In Revelation 2 and 3, Christ addresses seven local churches, seven Church eras, and every Christian throughout the ages. What are some of Christ’s statements of rebuke, praise and admonition which speak to us individually, and which all of us should take to heart?

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You Have Been Warned

We grow used to warnings, and it is easy to think that they don’t really apply to us. That attitude becomes tragic when the warnings are from God—for His warnings are a matter of life and death!

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Why Disasters and Catastrophes?

Disasters made 2011 the most expensive year ever. With the beginning of 2012, more birds die a mysterious death; devastating volcanic eruptions threaten Germany; and it is now 5 minutes to midnight on the Doomsday Clock, with midnight symbolizing humanity’s destruction. With all that bad news, it there any good news? Indeed, there is, but not in the way most people think.

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Could Jesus Return Tonight?

A strong minority of Americans believes that we are living in the End Times, while 52 percent disagree. Some believe and teach that Jesus could come back tonight, while others say that He won’t return at all. What does the Bible tell us?

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Numbers in the Bible – Part 1

When it comes to symbolism, the Bible is filled with explanations and specific reasons when it comes to certain numbers, showing how the Bible compliments each number with each other.  In this first part, the number 1 refers to unity, number 2 shows division, number 3 refers to completion and divination, and the number 4 refers to creation and disorder.

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