Why SEVEN Days for Overcoming Sin?

We must fight against and overcome sin, and the SEVEN Days of Unleavened Bread remind us of Israel’s exodus from Egypt and the consistent refusal of Pharaoh to let Israel go. These events have deep symbolic meaning for us today and show how Satan, the ruler over sin and the powers of this world, has already lost his war with us.
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Signs, Dreams and Circumstances

After giving a brief update on Feast preparations for 2007, this sermon will discuss the dangers related to requesting or seeking signs; focusing on dreams; or analyzing “circumstances,” when confronted with having to make difficult decisions. We must be aware that there could be wrong signs and false dreamers of dreams–even in God’s Church. And, as Biblical examples prove, “circumstances” could be easily misinterpreted or misjudged, if we are not very close to God, so as to be able to really know His Word and His Will for us.

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