Can Biblical Fasting Really Help?

The Bible commands us to fast on occasion. But why? And how can we make sure that God accepts our fasting and that He does not reject it as useless? How can we distinguish between correct and wrong fasting? And what could be the result of proper fasting in our lives and the lives of others?

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Believing Multitudes Persecute Jesus

Multitudes followed Jesus when He lived here on earth as a human being.  The Bible says that Christ was surrounded by an innumerable multitude of supporters. But many who believed in Him and accepted His teachings ceased to walk with Him; they became aggressive; claimed that He was possessed; and were willing to stone Him because of blasphemy. Only very few remained faithful. How could such a turn of events develop? And is it possible that something like this could happen again in our time?

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How to Cope with Trials in the Light of Prophecy and Christ’s Return

All of us have problems and trials and are oftentimes victims of persecution. Do our problems seem to be overwhelming and unique? Even though Satan is the author of persecution, which is increasing as he knows that his time is short, God will always help us to be victorious. But how can we know that Christ’s return is near? Not by focusing on wrong speculations, but by accepting the clear word of biblical prophecy. And since we know that our time is short, what are we to do now?

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Not Because of Our Own Strength

Many try desperately to solve their problems, based on their own strength. This will never work. It is God who must fight for us and strengthen us. But how does that happen, and what mistakes can we still make, even if we recognize our own weakness and our dependency from God?

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Passover Preparation (Special)

As a baptized member of the Church of God, we need to prepare for this year’s Passover service on April 21, 2016, by examining ourselves. Will we partake of the Passover in a worthy manner? If not, we will be judged by God and may face serious sickness or even premature death. We must ask ourselves the following questions, among many others: Who is the most important person in your life? What is the cause for sin?

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The Purpose of Fasting

We are commanded to “afflict our souls” on the Day of
Atonement. Does this really mean that we must fast for 24 hours? And if so, do
we fast by just abstaining from solid food during that time, or do we also have
to abstain from liquids? What are some of the reasons and purposes for
fasting? On the other hand, what are some of the motives which we should not
have when we fast? Does fasting have rewards? Can we fast in vain? And what is
the connection between reconciliation or at-one-ment and fasting?

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