Growth in the Church – Feast Sermon 2016

If we want to grow, we must be faithful in the small things; we must  help the little ones; and we must not despise the day of small beginnings. We must control our thoughts and avoid wrong ideas and hypocrisy. When God begins something, He does so in a small way, so that it can grow and become bigger. Even His kingdom and rule must and will grow. God’s Church is small today—a little flock—but its growth is predestined, if it fulfills its godly mission. Individual Christians must have a part in this growth.

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Made for Man

What has God made for man and what has man taken for granted?  God created everything and gave man a big responsibility to uphold His creation and man also had a big responsibility to keep God’s law, but man as a whole has failed to do so by giving into sin.  There are many things which are a mystery to this world like the Sabbath, for example, as to how and why it is to be kept.  Those of us who have been called out of this world need to make sure that we don’t take lightly what God expects of us, by obeying Him and keeping His day of rest holy, or we will miss out of His plan for us.


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Just Called or also Chosen?

Only very few are called today to salvation, and only they can truly understand God and His Way of Life. Christ did not come to convert the world in this day and age, and neither does the Church of God have that commission. True Christians have been predestined to be called and chosen now. They are not called because of their good works. Why then do we read that many are called, but few are chosen?

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The Spiritual Vineyard

It is easy to lose focus and become jealous of what others may have. We need to be focusing on what we can do for the Church and for each other. This is very poignantly pointed out in the Parable of the Vineyard. The Church is compared to a vineyard in many areas of the Bible.

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The Life of Samson

We all have heard of Samson and Delilah. Hollywood has had a field day with producing movies and TV shows, capitalizing on each imaginable or inventive aspect of “that” spicy episode. To blatantly falsify and rewrite Samson’s story is called “poetic ” or “dramaturgical” license. But what is the REAL story of Samson? What can his life teach us today? After all, the book of Hebrews strongly suggests that Samson will be in the First Resurrection–in spite of all his weaknesses and problems. But his ultimate fate does not annul the fact that Samson, because of his repeated failings, had to face many devastating physical consequences, and his physical life was not easy by any stretch of the imagination.
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