Why Mass Murder in Colorado’s Gay Nightclub?

Another terrible mass murder has been committed in Colorado Springs when a 22-year-old man went into a gay nightclub with a long gun and killed five people.  How could this happen? What could have been done to prevent this heinous crime? How can we make sure those mass murders won’t happen again? What do we know about the childhood of the murderer? And could our society’s approach towards violence have any role to play in this? What does GOD tell us what the only true solution is?

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Free Abortions in California… “Repent or Perish!”

A new law in California makes it much easier for women to carry out abortions. But what about the unborn children? Do you know how many children have been aborted worldwide over the last century? What is God’s perspective on the matter? And what must we do to obtain God’s protection in these horrible times?

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Is Nuclear War Unavoidable?

Sadly, the Bible declares that nuclear and conventional war is unavoidable for the carnal human mind. But why? To illustrate the point, we give you three examples to show reasons why natural man does not know–and cannot find–the way to peace. We speak of the use of the atomic bombs against Hiroshima and Nagasaki and the astonishing condemnation of these actions by American presidents and military leaders; the sad legacy of Peace Nobel Prize recipient President Obama as THE American war time president of all time; and ludicrous comments by Pope Francis regarding Islam and Christianity.

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A World Without School Shootings and Gun Violence How

After the horrific mass murder of schoolchildren and adults on Connecticut, the issue of gun control was raised again. Many countries condemn America for its gun culture in a most hypocritical fashion. Pastor Joel Olsteen refused to take a position on the matter, as he felt it was a political issue that divides people. However, the question pertains to the very core of true Christianity. Will we ever experience peace on this planet? The answer is, Yes, indeed, but not in the way that most people think or expect.

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Unless YOU Repent!

Christians must continue to repent of their sins–it is a life-long challenge. The function and purpose of repentance sometimes gets neglected in our lives, and that is dangerous ground to stand in! The warning for us is that we never take for granted the calling of God or the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. We must not allow sins to sear our conscience.

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Eternal Death

Mankind has a choice to make. That choice will lead to either eternal life or eternal death. The awful reality is that some both have and will choose to disobey God and bring upon themselves destruction in the lake of fire. We need to understand the kind of choice we are making!

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