Israel’s and Germany’s Future—Comments on News and Prophecy, March 6, 2021

Benjamin Netanyahu told supporters that due to the “changed international reality,” he is the only one who will stand “against the entire world” in regard to the Iran question. In response, the USA warned Israel and others in the Middle East not to oppose US policies. Also, Germans are very unhappy with Angela Merkel and Health Minister Jens Spahn, and Der Spiegel Online asked for Spahn’s resignation. What could all of this mean in the light of biblical prophecy?

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Pope Warns of a Worldwide Flood

In referring to the “story of the great flood in the Bible,” Pope Francis said that “humanity is facing another ‘great deluge, perhaps due to a rise in temperature and the melting of glaciers.’” He continued that the “biblical flood which destroyed the world except for Noah… may have been a myth.”

What does the Bible say about Noah’s flood and the possibility of another deluge in our time?

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Right and Wrong Righteousness

Are there differences between man’s righteousness and God’s righteousness? Is there a right way and a wrong way? What are some of the examples the Bible talks about when explaining both ways?

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Alcoholism in the Bible

What does the Bible say about alcoholism and alcohol addiction? Do we understand the physical and spiritual dangers which could prevent us from entering the Kingdom of God? Are there any particular admonitions and prohibitions for those in religious and political authority, ministers and church members? Are you addicted to alcohol? How much may be too much?

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Growth in the Church – Feast Sermon 2016

If we want to grow, we must be faithful in the small things; we must  help the little ones; and we must not despise the day of small beginnings. We must control our thoughts and avoid wrong ideas and hypocrisy. When God begins something, He does so in a small way, so that it can grow and become bigger. Even His kingdom and rule must and will grow. God’s Church is small today—a little flock—but its growth is predestined, if it fulfills its godly mission. Individual Christians must have a part in this growth.

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You Have Been Warned

We grow used to warnings, and it is easy to think that they don’t really apply to us. That attitude becomes tragic when the warnings are from God—for His warnings are a matter of life and death!

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Testing Faith

How is our faith being tested? There are many examples of individuals in the Bible who have had their faith tested many times, but how did they respond? What about second chances? What does the Bible have to say about that?

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Will Europe Face a Nuclear Attack?

Will ISIS attack Europe with nuclear weapons? Will Russia? What about the USA? What is the fate of the great Western powers?  Did you know that God’s Word paints a terrible picture for their future, but it also tells us why this is. God is very ANGRY with us, and we need to realize the reasons.

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As in the Days of Noah…

The depravity and perversity of modern man proves that we have reached the Last Days. This disturbing program reveals the terrible times in which we are living. Just look at the demonic and abominable activities of ISIS; the horrible and disgusting procedures of Planned Parenthood; the morbid sexual child abuse scandal of the Jehovah’s Witnesses in Australia; and the despicable adulterous conduct of millions of nominal Christians all over the world. All of these activities serve as a few examples to show that the times of the end for our present wicked generation are fast approaching.

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How Long Has God Been Working with You?

How does God work in your life, and when did He begin to do so? Was it when He called you and when you began to understand more and more of the truth? Or did God know you long before your calling, and did He influence some of your decisions prior to your calling, in order to fulfill His plan for you? And if so, what consequences might this have for you today?

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