Satan’s Time Is almost Over

The Day of Atonement pictures the world’s atonement with God and Satan’s imprisonment. Although this sermon speaks on the past, presence and future of Satan, who wants to prevent man’s reconciliation with God, it is also emphasized that Jesus Christ is central to the meaning of this annual Holy Day.

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Satan Rules This World—Does He Rule You?

Satan has been very busy. Many are falling for his evil devices. But God requires of us that we love and obey Him in everything. Through governmental restrictions under his influence, Satan is using the same tactic as he did when deceiving Eve in the Garden of Eden. Eve fell for it, and Adam followed his wife, convincing themselves that a “little” disobedience did not really matter. Far too many of God’s people are following today Adam and Eve’s bad example. Don’t you be one of them!

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“We know!” but do we… really?

In his first letter, John rejects the false teaching of Gnosticism.  Even today, God’s Church must fight against the spirit of antichrist. Converted Christians know the Truth, while growing more and more in right knowledge and understanding.

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The Devil Is Loose

Satan’s wrath is great, as he knows that he has only a short time. But he is still the god of this evil world, the prince of darkness, who walks about like a roaring lion, seeking his victims in order to destroy them. He is a murderer, a liar, a deceiver, a fraud, an accuser and a tempter, and so are his servants and ministers who are acting on his behalf, even though many may think that they serve the true God. Those who were able to free themselves from Satan’s clutches through the understanding of the Truth and become again his victims are walking towards their spiritual and perhaps even physical death. This sermon will show from the Bible how Satan has inflicted misery and pain on so many people, but it also emphasizes that with God’s help, we will conquer the Devil.

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Resist the Devil!

Satan rules mankind, but most don’t know about it. And very few understand that Satan’s great wrath and his desire to destroy are directed foremost against God’s people–the true followers of Jesus Christ. We must be aware of the temptations, deceptions and wiles of the devil and of his human instruments, so that we can withstand, conquer and defeat them with God’s help.

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FOT 2018: Do We Have God’s Love in Us?

As true Christians, we are to have and reflect God’s Love in our lives. But do we? We are warned that many will experience that their Love will grow cold; that they may lose their first Love; and that they might even lose God’s Holy Spirit and with it God’s Love. How can we prevent this from happening to us? What connection is there between God’s Love and God’s Law? Is it true that the Greek words for love–the noun “agape” and the verb “agapao”–can refer to something else than Godly Love, as some claim?

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In the Beginning – Part 3

When God created a physical garden for man–the Garden of
Eden or Paradise–, He made special trees and placed them in the midst of the
garden. These trees had special symbolic meaning. They were called the Tree of
Life and the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. While God allowed man to
eat freely from the Tree of Life, He commanded man not to eat from the Tree of
the Knowledge of Good and Evil. Man disobeyed God, and disaster was the
consequence. What is the symbolic meaning of these two trees, and how do they
affect us today?

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