Comfort and Encouragement

When we suffer, we must always remember that God does not forget our tears. Even when we are severely tested, God is there to help us. God wants to give us comfort and encouragement, as well as peace and tranquility; He has compassion for those who mourn and who are brokenhearted. The book of Ruth gives us an important understanding as to how the merciful God works in our lives.

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With Action Comes Blessing

The right attitude should be expressed by our actions and when we apply the “beatitudes” stated in Matthew 5, we can expect to be blessed.

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A Time To Weep

The Christian life includes times of weeping and mourning. Christ said that we are blessed when we mourn and weep now. It is important to understand why and under what circumstances we will and ought to mourn. Ecclesiastes tells us that there is a purpose for weeping and mourning. What is it?

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The Purpose of Fasting

We are commanded to “afflict our souls” on the Day of
Atonement. Does this really mean that we must fast for 24 hours? And if so, do
we fast by just abstaining from solid food during that time, or do we also have
to abstain from liquids? What are some of the reasons and purposes for
fasting? On the other hand, what are some of the motives which we should not
have when we fast? Does fasting have rewards? Can we fast in vain? And what is
the connection between reconciliation or at-one-ment and fasting?

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