China’s Deadly Virus and other Prophetic Events

In light of the outbreak of a deadly virus in China, affecting humans all over the globe, why does God place a curse on those who eat or distribute unclean meat for human consumption? Why is Europe so angry with America over the assassination of an Iranian mass murderer, and why the tumult involving the Al Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem? All of this has to do with end-time biblical prophecies, and we can expect their fulfillment in 2020 and beyond, indicating the soon-coming return of Jesus Christ. Please stay tuned for an important announcement at the end of this program.

Just the Beginning

God tells us in His Word that in the future, there will be terrible heavenly signs, but the solar eclipse on August 13, 2017 and the alleged celestial arrangement on September 23, 2017, are not part of those signs. Neither is the ridiculous belief in Planet Nibiru or Planet X, or ancient space aliens, named Annunaki.  These deceitful concepts are either the product of foolish human inventions or demonic inspiration, or both. What does the Bible tell us about the true heavenly signs, when they will occur, and how they will affect the lives of all of us?

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Election Debacle for Angela Merkel… What’s Next?

In a catastrophic state election, Chancellor Merkel’s party (CDU) suffered a devastating defeat, while the anti-immigrant and anti-Islam party (AfD)  enjoyed an unprecedented success. Merkel is blamed for the debacle, but stubbornly refuses to change her migrant policy. Minorities are deeply concerned about the AfD, and Merkel’s Bavarian sister party (CSU) under Premier Host Seehofer is willing to even go a step further than the AfD. What does all of this mean in the light of biblical prophecy? Will emerging nationalism in Germany and Europe destroy the European unification project, or is just the opposite true?

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Russia’s Persecution of Minority Christians

On July 6, Vladimir Putin signed a law against terrorism which prohibits major activities of minority Christians in Russia, including sharing one’s belief online; praying at home in the presence of an “unbeliever”; or answering questions of an “unbelieving” co-worker about the Christian faith. Many more Christian activities are now punishable under this new law, which is without doubt inspired by Satan. But apart from a few Christian papers and websites, neither the US President or the White House, nor the left-liberal and conservative media have reported about these appalling atrocities in Russia.

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Why the World WON’T End this Month!

Some Christian groups and ministers believe and teach that the world will end in September of 2015. They believe that this will be brought about by a “blood moon”- allegedly the fourth consecutive lunar eclipse since April 2014 – being part of a “tetrad.” Others preach that the great tribulation starts in September of 2015, following seven years since September 11, 2001. Some claim that this was shown to them through godly revelations or near-death experiences. We will prove to you in this program why all of this is nonsense, and that the Bible dogmatically declares that the end of the world will NOT occur in September of 2015. Don’t be deceived and fooled by ridiculous and ignorant teachings, but prove all things from the Holy Scriptures, and only hold on to what is correct. We are offering you our free booklet, “Biblical Prophecy— From Now Until Forever.”

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Crusades and Inquisition Justifiable?

President Obama’s controversial comparison at a prayer breakfast meeting between ISIL’s demonical murders and “Christian” atrocities has prompted some prominent Catholics to “justify” the crusades and to “explain” the inquisition. These are alarming and deeply disturbing developments, in light of biblical prophecy.

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Vengeance and Revenge!

It is known that Christians are not to avenge themselves. But is it unchristian to long for God’s punishment and revenge on evildoers? Does God want Christians to endure patiently all iniquity and injustice, without ever considering that God will intervene to pay back the wicked? Is true Christianity a religion which demands suffering without the prospect of the execution of God’s justice on His enemies?

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Christ spoke of a coming great tribulation of unparalleled proportions. It will be a time of persecution of many of God’s elect, and a time of military defeat of the modern nations of the houses of Israel and Judah. Some of God’s people will be protected at a place of safety, and many will be protected later from God’s wrath to come, during the Day of the Lord. But does this mean that all will escape any persecution? And who will be at the place of safety, and who will not be there? Don’t assume that you know the answer.

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Is the Church of God a Sect?

Down through the ages, the
Church of God has undergone persecution, scattering, martyrdom, wolves among the
sheep and accusations to mention but a few.  The apostolic church was called a
sect.  We are the direct descendents
of the first century church and, therefore, we may be called the same.   The real problem in today’s
society is the connotation that is put on the interpretation of that word.   We were not promised an easy life
– indeed, narrow is the way, and persecution has always been part of the true
Christian’s lot.   It has been
claimed that there are nine different marks that reveal a sect and these are all

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