Escaping Sin

We are to overcome sin continuously, but sin is very deceptive. This sermon will give many examples from the Bible of people who were not immune to sinning… who were at times easily ensnared by sin; who did not feel that a particular sin was such a big deal; or who did not even recognize sin for what it was, thinking that their actions were justified.

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The Prophet Elijah in the Past, the Present and the Future, Part 2

Why did Elijah ask for fire from heaven to consume the soldiers of King Ahaziah? How are we to understand Elijah’s ascension to heaven? What connection exists between Elijah and John the Baptist? What is the explanation for Christ’s transfiguration on the mount when He spoke to Moses and Elijah who appeared in glory? Finally, what do biblical passages mean to tell us about the coming of Elijah just prior to Christ’s return?

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The Prophet Elijah in the Past, the Present and the Future

Remarkable events occurred in the life of ancient Elijah, and they are written down for us today for our learning, admonition and example. There are those who believe that Elijah did not die, but that he is still alive today in heaven or someplace else, and that we will soon return to do a powerful Work, prior to Christ’s Second Coming. What does the Bible tell us about these ideas? How are we to understand that Elijah will come before the terrible Day of the Lord?

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You Shall (Not) Desire, Part 2

As the last sermon showed, we are prohibited to have wrong and evil desires. On the other hand, the Bible COMMANDS us to have right desires. But what exactly is it that we should or even must desire, in order to obtain eternal life in the Kingdom of God?

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Is the Soul Immortal?

Most religious people, Christians and non-Christians alike, believe in the immortality of the soul. What does the Bible say about this question? Do people have souls, or are they souls? Are there dead souls? Can a soul die? Why does the Bible speak about the resurrection of the dead, if the dead are not really dead, but keep on living after death as “immortal souls”? What is death? And what is hell, in which God can destroy body and soul?

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Does Sin Lead To Success?

Does sin pay? Are sinners happy people? Are they more successful and blessed than others? Can they look with confidence at a peaceful future? The Bible shows us that none of this is true. Sin leads to disaster. It sets in motion an automatic chain of events. There is a cause for every effect. There is a fundamental difference between the righteous and the wicked. We will reap what we sow. Our sin will find us out.

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Religious and Scientific Deceptions

In a recent public debate on the origin of life between the Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, and the most famous atheist, Richard Dawkins, both gentlemen presented utterly false ideas. The wrong concept that man has evolved from non-humans, whether by accident or with godly involvement, rejects God’s Word and has contributed to a world without true moral and ethical standards.

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Tithing Today

Is tithing still mandatory for us today? How can we know? And what do all the different concepts mean, such as, First Tithe, Second Tithe, Third Tithe, Tithe of the Tithe, or Excess Second Tithe? How do we calculate Third Tithe, and when do we have to pay it?
This short message will explain.

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