FOT Opening Night: Coming Out of This World… Why and How?

The Bible tells us that we must leave this rotten world of Satan behind and that we are instead pilgrims, strangers and ambassadors for Christ. The consequences for us in regard to the evils of this world and what is in it, including selfish desires, its politics, corrupt leaders, false philosophies, terrible wars and deceiving religions are wide-ranging, but many are confused about God’s directives. Likewise, our desire for God’s Kingdom to be restored on earth can be overshadowed and clouded, if we are not careful, by the knowledge of the pain and suffering which the Great Tribulation will bring first. It is vital for our salvation that we have the right understanding in this regard.
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Right and Wrong Righteousness

Are there differences between man’s righteousness and God’s righteousness? Is there a right way and a wrong way? What are some of the examples the Bible talks about when explaining both ways?

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Have You Seen Satan?

Does the Bible tell us whether Satan and demons can make themselves visible to the human eye? Can they materialize and appear as humans, without being recognized as spirit beings? Should you try to contact aliens or the ghosts of deceived loved ones? How can you protect yourself against Satan and his fallen angels? What kind of activities are we to avoid at all costs? Should we stay away from demonic movies and video games, séances, Ouija boards, far-eastern meditation practices, haunted houses, chiropractors who use the Reiki method, and medical hypnosis?

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Dealing With Invisible Voices!

According to the Independent, a British paper, “up to one in 25 people hears voices regularly,” and “up to 40 per cent of the population will hear voices at some point in their lives.” While traditional psychiatry tries to silence those voices through strong medication, resulting in dangerous side-effects, others advocate a dialogue with those voices to calm them down. What about these two different approaches? History includes many examples of people who claim that they heard voices and had visions, but can it really be true? If there are such voices, what is their origin? And what should people do who hear them? We are offering you our free booklet, “Angels, Demons and the Spirit World.”

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Satan Is Alive

Many don’t believe in Satan or the Devil, but the Bible describes him as a very real spirit being who wants to destroy us. One cannot explain the evils of this world without the existence of the Devil and his demons. Satan is a very cunning and cruel enemy, who deceives mankind and transforms himself into an angel of light. He is the mighty ruler and god of this world of darkness, an accuser, liar and murderer, the tempter and the father of the children of disobedience. How can we overcome and conquer him?

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In the Beginning – Part 1

Correctly understood, only the Bible tells us how it all
began; why we live today in a world cut off from God; and what is going to
happen in the future. In order to find the answers to these questions, we must
go back to the very beginning. The first few chapters of the book of Genesis
tell us why we exist, and what is man’s ultimate potential. We are also taught
why man sins and comes short of the glory of God.

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