Come Again—One Cannot and Does Not Have To Obey the Law?

God gave us His law in order to obey it. But doesn’t God also say that we cannot serve or obey Him? On the other hand, He only promises us the gift of the Holy Spirit when we obey Him. How can we reconcile these apparent contradictions, and what exactly is the Holy Spirit which is supposed to dwell in us, and what does it accomplish in and through us?

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How Is God’s Holy Spirit ONE Spirit?

On the annual Feast Day of Pentecost, God gave His Holy Spirit to the New Testament Church. The Bible tells us that God’s Holy Spirit dwells in a true Christian, leading and motivating him or her. But what does this mean? Does only the Father have Holy Spirit, emanating from Him? Or does Jesus Christ have Holy Spirit as well, flowing out of Him? If so, which Holy Spirit dwells in a true Christian? The Holy Spirit of the Father, the Holy Spirit of Christ, or both? Who gives the Holy Spirit to a Christian? The Father, the Son, or both? And if it is true that a true Christian has received the Spirit of the Father and the Spirit of Christ, how can the Holy Spirit be ONE Spirit?

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The Power of God

Do we comprehend the simplest things we utilize in our daily lives, wondering perhaps to ourselves how these necessary tools are so vital in our lives, such as electricity and the advancements in technology?  Can we also comprehend the power of God?  Can we receive His power?

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Stripes at the Great White Throne Judgment

In the Second Resurrection or the Great White Throne Judgment, God will offer salvation to all those who died without having been called. But what is meant with the stripes which some will receive? Why will it be more tolerable for some than for others, and why will some receive greater condemnation? Will God just ignore the horrible crimes and atrocities of mass murderers and perverts? What is meant with the statement that tax collectors and harlots will enter the Kingdom of God before the Pharisees?

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In the Beginning – Part 3

When God created a physical garden for man–the Garden of
Eden or Paradise–, He made special trees and placed them in the midst of the
garden. These trees had special symbolic meaning. They were called the Tree of
Life and the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. While God allowed man to
eat freely from the Tree of Life, He commanded man not to eat from the Tree of
the Knowledge of Good and Evil. Man disobeyed God, and disaster was the
consequence. What is the symbolic meaning of these two trees, and how do they
affect us today?

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